Gang Reduction Initiatives

The Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID) is a comprehensive plan for reducing gang violence through suppression, intervention and prevention strategies. The GRID program is targeted towards gang members as well as youth at risk of gang involvement.

GRID prevention strategies are two-fold, targeting the general population and youth at risk of gang involvement. Activities include:

  • GRID training series
  • Parent support groups
  • Gang Resistance and Education Training (G.R.E.A.T.) in middle and elementary schools
  • Case management and services for youth at high-risk for gang involvement

We provide close supervision of high-risk individuals as well as vocational and education support to serve as an alternative to gang involvement. Activities and strategies include:

  • The Multi-Disciplinary Team: law enforcement, corrections, probation, public schools and service providers team to provide support services while reducing duplication of services
  • Job readiness and retention training as well as job placement services
  • Outreach workers provide positive social activities and respond to crisis situations to help mediate gang conflicts

We focus on serious chronic offenders who are at greater risk of being involved in violence by coordinating:

  • Cross-agency communication
  • meetings with offenders to send a message that continued gang activity and violence will not be tolerated
  • GIS mapping to identify hot spots for targeting enforcement and resource allocation


The GRID project is focused on neighborhoods which have a presence of multiple risk factors which research has shown to support the presence of gangs. These factors include higher rates of violent crime, unemployment, drop-outs, poverty, and other criminal justice system concerns. GRID has identified 10 neighborhoods to be targeted for the GRID program below:

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