Denver Department of Public Safety Opens New Juvenile Services Center

Denver Department of Public Safety Opens New Juvenile Services Center

DENVER, CO – The Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce the opening of the Denver Juvenile Services Center (DJSC).

The DJSC provides a central point of entry and access to multiple juvenile service providers for youth ages 10-17. The center is designed to expedite processes and increase access to services for youth who have come into contact with law enforcement and are in need of support services.

“The new center represents an opportunity for our young people, many of whom don’t have a choice and have found themselves in trouble, with things going on at home that don’t allow them to be more productive or have fruitful opportunities in front of them,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “Instead of locking them up, creating a record for them, and making them intimately aware and perhaps comfortable with the system, we are creating alternatives and opportunities for them and trying to show them that there are people who care. There is a better way to do this.”

DJSC’s goal is to prevent unnecessary youth detention and further delinquency, and to increase timely and effective interventions that ensure public safety while improving outcomes for youth and families.

“The center represents a collaboration of government entities to try to do what is basically and fundamentally right, and that is to provide assistance and resources in a coordinated and intelligent manner,” said Manager of Safety Alex J. Martinez.

DJSC provides immediate and comprehensive screening and assessments with appropriate follow-up services, including: immediate and comprehensive screening and assessments, integrated case management, day reporting center, educational support services, crisis response coordination, and intervention and treatment referrals for youth and families.

These services are available through the collocation and collaboration of eight separate entities: Denver Public Schools, Denver Public Safety Youth Programs, Denver Department of Human Services, Denver Police Department, Denver Juvenile Probation, Mental Health Center of Denver, Denver Collaborative Partnership, and the 2nd Judicial District Senate Bill 94.

The Denver Juvenile Services Center is located on the first floor of the Minoru Yasui Building at 303 W. Colfax Avenue. For more information, please visit


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