Denver Sheriff Department

Alternative Sentencing

The Alternative Sentencing Program allows offenders the opportunity to maintain their employment and / or education / treatment. These programs are carefully supervised and include monetary fees, which shall be determined by a case assessment. The Work Search Program provides the offender the opportunity to search for employment while serving a jail sentence and must be authorized by the court. The Work Search Program is an extension of the Work Release Program and is allowed only when bed space is available. Even though the courts may have issued written recommendation to participate in a program, the Denver Sheriff’s Department has final approval on all individual’s acceptance on a case by case basis.

Only those individuals who have been referred by the court should complete the Alternative Sentencing Programs application. Applications cannot be completed more than one week prior to the defendant’s remand date.

What to Expect:

  • The participant will be required to have electronic monitoring
  • Participants in the program will be subject to random alcohol and drug tests
  • Participants in the program will be allowed to work if employed, but physical job search is not allowed
  • A uniformed deputy will make random, unannounced home and job site checks

Sheriff Home Detention Fees:

  • GPS & SCRAM - $215 start up fee / $140 per week
  • Home Guard & SCRAM - $180 start up fee / $105 per week
  • Cell Home Guard & SCRAM - $201 start up fee / $126 per week 

Work Release Room & Board Fees:

Before placement in the program, work release  participants  must have the cost of one week’s worth of room and board fees plus the cost of one UA fee on your inmate account.  Education/treatment release participant’s must have the cost of two UA’s on their inmate account prior to placement.

  • $12 per day worked for Denver residents
  • $20 per day worked  for non-Denver residents
  • $66.40 per day worked for inmates sentenced out of county

Work Release Electronic Monitoring (SCRAM – Alcohol Bracelet and GPS – Global Positioning System)

Participants who are required to wear electronic monitoring must have the cost of the initial hook up fee on their inmate account.

  • SCRAM - $159 start up fee / $84 per week
  • GPS - $187 start up fee / $112 per week
  • SCRAM & GPS - $215 start up fee / $140 per week

Urinalysis Fees

$8 per test / participants will receive a minimum of two per month

If the court authorizes the inmate, to attend educational classes outside of the facility or receive special counseling or medical treatments, the inmate will be allowed to attend, and return to serve their sentence. The inmate will only be authorized to attend classes if the Denver Sheriff Department receives an official court order, and they meet qualifications. After your employment has been verified it will take approximately 4 business days.

Participants on education release are allowed to bring in one school book. No metal binders are allowed. Recreational reading material must be mailed in and approved by the Mail Room staff. 

Only inmates sentenced through County Court, have a sentence greater than 35 days, and have served half of their sentence are eligible for the Home Detention Programs. Work is allowed if employed, but physical job search is not allowed. 

Participants in the program must:

  • Have proof of a suitable residence to participate
  • Participate in the program for 10 days or more
  • Have eligibility specified as a sentence on all of their cases
  • Have electronic monitoring 
  • Be subject to random alcohol and drug testing
  • Allow unannounced home and job site checks by a uniformed deputy
  • Have a disposition compatible with the program on all cases

Individuals, who have been accepted into the program, will be given a schedule that allows them to report to and from designated locations for employment purposes. Employment will be verified by Work Release staff and conditions of the program will be explained to the employer before beginning the program. 


The criteria for the Work Release Program include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Participants must work within a 50 mile radius of the Denver County Jail, located at 10500 Smith Rd., Denver, CO
  • Participants must work no less than a minimum of 25 hours a week while on the program
  • Participants may work up to 10 hours per day (includes lunch and breaks), no more than 6 days in a row. All hours over 40 per week must be paid overtime, unless employed in a salaried position
  • Participants may only have one employer while on the program
  • Participants must be paid with a company paycheck. Cash payments are not allowed.

What to Expect:

  • Participants will earn good time while on an Alternative Sentencing Program.
  • Criminal charges can and will be disclosed with your employer (They are public information and will be revealed upon request).
  • Changes in work schedule will be limited and must be approved by Work Release staff.
  • A uniformed deputy will make random, unannounced job site checks.
  • Participants will be subject to alcohol and drug testing and participants are responsible for the cost of testing.
  • The screening process may take up to 4 business days from your book in date before you can begin program participation.
  • Do not bring any extra clothing when you book in. We suggest you coordinate with a family member or friend to have extra sets of clothing dropped off at your job site for you to retrieve on your first day back to work. You may have up to three sets of clothing in the facility at any given time. You will be given the opportunity to wash your clothes upon returning from work.
  • No electronic devices are allowed in the facility at any time.
  • All of your hygeine products must be purchased through the commissary.
  • You can not have cash dropped off at the jail. A postal money order may be purchased on your behalf and dropped off at the Main Jail lobby. Your name and CD# must be printed on the front of the postal money order. Cash may also be deposited at the kiosk in the Main Jail lobby.
  • You will be charged room and board. The fees range from $12 to $20 per day.
  • You may be on electronic monitoring (ankle bracelet or GPS system). Fees associated will be the responsibility of the participant.
  • You may request one extra hour on your payday to cash your check or withdraw your direct deposit. All of your wages earned, minus $50, must be submitted in the form of a postal money order to be deposited into your own individual inmate account.
  • Out of county work release sentences may be accepted after review by the Director of Corrections. The daily cost for an out of county sentence is $66.40.
  • All personal visits must be scheduled through the visitation line at 720-913-3791.

If the court authorizes the inmate, to search from employment, the inmate will be allowed to leave the facility to search for work and return when agreed. Documentation of the work search will need to be provided and work search will only be authorized fro a specific period of time. The inmate will only be authorized to attend classes if DSD receives an official court order and they meet qualifications.

  • Contact for Alternative Sentencing

    Captain Anthony Gettler
    10500 Smith Road
    Denver, CO   80239
    Phone: 720-913-3709
    Fax: 720-913-3817
    Hours of Operation:
    M-F 6:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

    Electronic Monitoring
    Phone: (720) 913-8950
    Fax: (720) 913-8920
    electronic monitoring