CART (Assistive Listen Device Request)

The Office of Sign Language Services provides Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) and Computer Aided Real-Time Transcription (CART) upon request. These devices offer access to Denver City/County programs, services and events for people who have a severe hearing loss but do not use sign language. 

Follow the protocol below to request these services for Denver City/County agencies


Date & Time


Contact Number



8:00 AM-5:00 PM



Lorrie A. Kosinski

Office of Sign Language Services, City of Denver


Mobile:   303.880.3208




Desk:      720.913.8487











  • The Office of Sign Language Services/Human Rights & Community Relations handles and pays for the ALD & CART invoices for Denver City/County agencies.


  • If there are any questions or difficulty with ADL or CART services, please contact Lorrie A. Kosinski, Sign Language Interpreter, Office of Sign Language Services/Human Rights & Community Relations, 720.913.8487; 303.880.3208, Mobile, Monday-Friday.