The Denver Public Library is the 1st Library in Colorado with a Public-Use Video Phone

Denver Public Library - Central Branch, 4th Floor, 10 W. 14th Ave. Parkway

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Dowtown Denver has Public Use
Video Phone200
The City & County of Denver
is pleased to announce a
Sorenson Video Phone200
has been installed at 201
W. Colfax Ave. On the first
floor in the Business
Assistance Center for
the public to use.
The Video Phone200 is
available for you to come
in and use Monday - Friday,
8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
If you find yourself downtown
and need to use a Video
Phone, please stop by!

Second Video Phone in County Jail
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Office of Sign Language Services & Resources

The mission of our office is to work with Denver City/County agencies to make their programs, services, and public meetings accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
We provide: 

·         Sign Language Interpreting for City/County Agencies

o        Certified Sign Language Interpreters

o        Certified Deaf Interpreters

o        Oral Interpreters

o        Certified Legal Interpreters

·         Computer Aided Real-Time Transcription (CART)

·         Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

·         Sign Language Classes for City/County Employees

·         Deaf Awareness Training to City/County agencies
·         Consultation on Deaf Access Issues

·         Information & Referral

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Discrimination happens, but we can help.
Please follow the links below to contact someone about your complaint. The City of Denver will provide an interpreter for the complaint process.
Denver City Government
Housing, Education, Medical, Employment, Public Accomodation
Denver Police or Sheriff

Law Classes

How to File a Small Claims
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How to Collect Your Money
if you win a Small Claims
Case. Click here for more info!
For Family Law classes
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