Denver Film Ordinance

Ordinance No. 895    Series of 1992

Council Bill No. 842         Committee of Reference: Land Use / Planning & Economic Development

A Bill For an ordinance amending section 59-38 of the Revised Municipal Code relating to the powers and duties of the Zoning Administration by adding thereto section 59-38 (a) (13) relating to filming operations.

Whereas, the City and County of Denver recognizes that the motion picture, television, and commercial producing industries are a vital part of the economy of the Denver area; and Whereas, it is the policy of the City and County of Denver that all City departments shall cooperate with the Mayor's Office of Art, Culture and Film ("MOACF"), and that such departments shall assist MOACF in its efforts by making property and services available for filming; and

Whereas the City and County of Denver desires to expedite and clarify regulations dealing with filming operations within the City and County of Denver;

Now Therefore:

Be It Enacted By The Council of the City and County of Denver: Section 1. That Section 59 -38 (a) of the Revised Municipal code be and the same is hereby amended by adding thereto a subparagraph (12) reading and to read as follows:

(12) Review applications for permit for filming operations exceeding 24 hours and, notwithstanding the regulations of this zoning ordinance, grant a permit allowing filming operations exceeding 24 hours upon the following terms and conditions:

a. Upon receipt of an application for a permit for filming operations and a certificate of insurance in the face amount of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) showing coverage for general liability, including the operations under the permit and showing the City and County of Denver as an additional insured, the Zoning Administrator shall notify MOACF, the Transportation Division of the Department of Public Works, the Police and Fire Departments, and the district council member within whose district the proposed filming will take place. Exemptions to the insurance requirements may be granted by MOACF, in consultation with the Zoning Administrator, for filming by non-commercial educational, charitable and public service organizations.

b. The applicant shall, at least 48 hours prior to the proposed filming operations, distribute leaflets explaining the proposed operations to the adjoining residents and businesses located within 200 feet of the proposed filming site or sites. The leaflet shall contain the phone number of the production company and MOACF. MOACF in consultation with the Zoning Administrator may shorten this notice period or waive this requirement entirely in the event of unforeseen circumstances where it does not appear that the operations will unduly disturb the neighborhood.

c. Filming operations shall comply with the Rules and Regulations established by the Zoning Administrator, in consultation with MOACF. After formal notification to the production company by the Zoning Administrator, after consultation with MOACF, the Filming Permit may be cancelled if there is a failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations and all operations allowed by the permit may be ordered to cease.

d. Permits for filming shall show the duration of the filming. Filming at any one residential location shall not exceed 14 calendar days. A permit may be extended by the Zoning Administrator, upon consultation with MOACF, to allow filming to exceed this limit upon the determination that additional time is necessary and that the operations are in compliance with the Rules and Regulations.

e. The Zoning Administrator may add conditions to the permit, after consultation with MOACF, to protect the safety and comfort of the neighborhood in which the filming is taking place.

f. MOACF and the Zoning Administrator shall establish Rules and Regulations under which filming for less than 24 hours may take place in any zone district.

Passed by the Council November 30, 1992
Ramona Martinez- President
Approved: Wellington E. Webb - Mayor December 3, 1992
Attest: Arie Taylor Clerk and Recorder, Ex-Officio Clerk of the City and County of Denver
Published in the Daily Journal November 6, 1992
Prepared by John L. Stoffel, Assistant City Attorney 10 / 28 / 92