Types of Permits for Film and TV

You may need more than one permit depending on your project.

There are four primary permits and each may require approval by multiple entities before a permit is issued. All film-related permits are free; however, there may be fees for required services, such as parking meter bagging, street closures and off-duty police officers. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations.

1) Film/Photography Permit Request is needed to film on public property or in parks in the City and County of  Denver. 
2) Street Occupancy Permit Filming Occupancy Permit Entrance Requirements or "right of-way" permit pertains to reserving portions of the following:
• Streets
• Public access way
• Sidewalks
• Alley    
3) Parking Meter Permit & Neighborhood Signoff Sheet  pertain to covering the meters needed to facilitate a shoot and alerting the
street or neighborhood you are shooting in. 
 4) Denver Parks & Recreation Permit pertains to shooting or filming in any public park, department facility, median, and/or trail. An additional application is required for a Parks & Recreation Filming Permit. Complete and submit the application at least 72 hours prior to the date of filming/photography and submit a copy to their office.