Denver Special Events Guide

The Denver Event Guide will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to ensure your events are successful.   The 2014 Event Guide is divided into two sections 1) an introduction which provides general information and 2) specific departmental information.   Each department is referenced by a code which refers to a specific Denver City Department - for example: (EH) Department of Environmental Health and a number (EH-1) which corresponds to information and application links within that department.  You may also download the full guide for each individual department.


Introduction  (Denver Event Support,  Guide Contents,  Department Guide, Event Calendar Information,  Event Forms, Contacts - City Departments, Contacts - Mayor & City Council, Timeline for Permit & License Applications,  Checklist Event Development,  Notable for this Year, Community Communication)

Environmental Health [EH]

Please note!  There are some new requirements for temporary food licenses. Check for updates at the Denver Business Licensing Center. Please contact Abby Davidson ( with Environmental Health with any questions.

EH  Full Guide

EH-1    Overview/Outdoor Food Vending/Coordinating Food Vendors
EH-1A  Flow Chart
EH-2    Commonly Asked Questions
EH-3    Quick Tips
EH-4    Checklist for Event Coordinators - Planning the Event
EH-5    Temporary Restaurant Application for License Approval
EH-6    Commissary Information (Affidavit of Commissary)
EH-7    Food Establishment Guidelines
EH-8    Noise Enforcement

Development Services [DS]

DS  Full Guide
DS-1    Overview
DS-2    Policy Regarding Outdoor Stages and Platforms
DS-3    Policy Regarding Temporary Fabric Structures
DS-4    Temporary Occupancy for an Existing Building
DS-5    Temporary Power

Excise & License [EL]

EL  Full Guide
EL-1    Overview - Available Permits
EL-2    Special Event Liquor Permit, Cabaret Permits
EL-2a  Flow Chart
EL-3    Application for Special Event Permit
EL-3a  Example Site Plan
EL-4    Special Event Cabaret Permit
EL-5    Special Event Liquor Permit
EL-6    Temporary Retail Food License
EL-7    Other Event Licenses: Temporary Amusement - Body Art

Tax [TX]

TX   Full Guide
TX-1      Denver City Tax
TX-2      Denver City Tax - Application & Tax Return
TX-2.1   FDA and Sales Tax as they Apply to an Event
TX-2.2   FDA Exemption Application
TX-2.3   FDA Tax Return (regular return)
TX-2.4   FDA Tax Guide
TX-3      Colorado State Tax

Public Works [PW]

PW   Full Guide

PW-1    Overview - Public Works Permit Operations
PW-2    Street Closure & Right of Way
PW-3    Street Occupancy Forms
PW-3a  Example of a Traffic Control Plan
PW-3b  Example of a Certificate of Insurance
PW-4    Meter Bagging
PW-5    Parking Meter Permit Request
PW-5a  Parking Meter and Kiosk Entrance Requirements
PW-5b  Credit Card Authorization Form
PW-6    Wastewater Management (sanitary and storm sewer)

Parks & Recreation [PR]

PR   Full Guide
PR-1   Overview - Application Process
PR-2   Permit Types
PR-3   Event Parks and Fees
PR-4   Park Permit Application
PR-5   Park Permit Information Checklist
PR-6   Mobile Stage/Wagon Rental Application

Safety [SA]

SA   Full Guide
SA-1     Overview: Denver Police Department (DPD)

SA-1a   Parade and Special Events Organizer Checklist
SA-2     Overview: Denver Fire Department (DFD)
SA-3     Tents & Canopies/On-Site Inspections (DFD)
SA-4     Special Events Permit Application (DFD)
SA-5     Float Requirements (DFD)
SA-6     Fees (DFD)
SA-7     Overview: Office of Emergency Management
SA-7a   Special Event Emergency Planning Checklist

Other Resources [OR]

OR   Full Guide
OR-1    Denver Water, Regional Transportation District (RTD)

OR-1a  Banners
OR-2    DPD - Secondary Employment, Recycling, Neighborhood Events or Block Parties, Bingo and Raffles, ADA Requirements