Supporting active creation, expansion, and development of multi-tenant nonprofit centers

In 2010, the Shared Space Project selected two groups or “cohorts” of nonprofit organizations to provide more intensive support around creation of their multi-tenant nonprofit centers in Denver. Over time, the Shared Space Project hopes to provide a more active level of support to at least five projects across Denver. The Project hopes that in addition to creating new opportunities for impact in the community, active engagement with these centers will lead to new tools, information, and learnings that can be shared back out with the broader community.

The Shared Space Project’s involvement with cohorts ranges from managing a team of consultants to help with analysis, planning, and facilitation of vision, governance, and “rules of engagement” for sharing space, back-office function and collaboration on programs; to help marketing to and selecting potential tenants for maximum impact; to providing advice around space planning and programming, financing, and lease negotiations and other supports.

The Shared Space Project is in a current informal process of exploring opportunities that might be right for this more intensive investment in 2012. Please contact Dace West at if you would like to discuss your project.

Colorado Center for Nonprofits

This center will establish a vital hub for accessible, high-quality capacity building knowledge and professional for nonprofit organizations and their staff, board members, and volunteers, to increase the collective impact of the sector. Currently exploring a building in northeast Denver, this cohort is establishing cooperative, complementary, and comprehensive resource center for Colorado nonprofits.

Cohort Members:
Colorado Nonprofit Association
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center
Community Resource Center
Community Shares of Colorado
Metro Volunteers
Nonprofit Resources

Consulting Partners: jonescorp, inc. and Miller Design Works

Economic Prosperity Center

Dedicated to advancing the economic standing of residents throughout Denver, the Economic Prosperity Center at King Trimble helps individuals advance their careers and grow their net worth. The center serves as a hub for local government, nonprofits, and banking organizations to connect residents with career development opportunities and financial resources.

Denver Asset Building Coalition
Denver Housing Authority
Mile High United Way
Office of Economic Development, Workforce Development
Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute


Consulting Partners: LWJ Consulting and Civic Canopy.


For more information, please visit the Denver Shared Space Project website or contact Dace West.


Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships | Webb Municipal Building 201 West Colfax Avenue, Dept. #1102 Denver, CO 80202