The Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships brings together nonprofits and City agencies in ongoing collaborative efforts around targeted social issues.  DOSP often serves as a catalyst, convener, and facilitator for these collaborative efforts, helping to bring partners to the table, develop the collaborative vision, strategic plan, and evaluation systems, creating memorandums of understanding or partnership agreements, and often providing financial resources to help the collaborative in their first few years of work together. 

DOSP typically provides active support to one to two collaboratives at a time and remains actively engaged with those projects for a period of two to four years.  As collaborative efforts mature, DOSP steps back into a Resource Partner role, supporting the continued and strengthened leadership of programmatic partners.

DOSP also works to facilitate relationships  and provide opportunities for access and connection for individuals and organizations to form nonprofit-government partnerships outside these efforts through personalized referrals and feedback for nonprofit and City agency staff in monthly Connection Sessions.

Words From Our Friends

"DOSP does a great job connecting nonprofits with city agencies. In a time of stretched public and private resources, DOSP's efforts have created more effective ways for nonprofits and the City to meet community needs through increased collaboration, communication and programming."
Renny Fagan, President and CEO, Colorado Nonprofit Association


Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships | Webb Municipal Building 201 West Colfax Avenue, Dept. #1102 Denver, CO 80202