Office of Sustainability Operating Principles

The Office of Sustainability works with City agencies to help employees master the methodologies behind sustainability planning and operations, and provides assistance in identifying, developing, funding, implementing and evaluating specific sustainability projects. In doing so it applies the following principles:

  • Think big and focus on solutions that operate at scale. Think systemically rather than focusing only on individual modes and devices.
  • Base policy and operations on research and facts. Be open to re-examining the conventional wisdom and considering new approaches.
  • Focus on behavior and choices before turning to technology as a solution. Don’t ignore technology, but don’t turn to it immediately as the only solution.
  • Ensure that residents and businesses have meaningful options for meeting basic resource needs, and know how to access them. Make Denver a “City of Choices” that are available and affordable for everyone.
  • Sustainability involves intergenerational equity. While providing ample options to people and businesses in Denver, provide guidance on choosing the options that will most likely allow future generations to have access to at least the same level of affordable resources that the present generation enjoys in Denver.
  • Where the City identifies barriers to municipal sustainability that it cannot remove on its own, pursue collaboration and diplomatic advocacy to engage others both within and outside of Denver to work together to remove the barriers.