• Where We Get Input

    The Office of Sustainability gets its most direct input through two committees, one consisting of representatives of the City agencies most directly involved in sustainability work and the other consisting of community volunteers.

    Sustainability Implementation Committee

    The Sustainability Implementation Committee (SIC) meets monthly to 1.) provide updates on current sustainability efforts within each agency, 2.) evaluate the effectiveness of citywide sustainability initiatives to achieve established targets, 3) recommend modifications of the City’s sustainability goals to the Mayor, as needed, 4) coordinate on sustainability initiatives and 5) make recommendations to the Office of Sustainability for improvements to policies or programs.

    The SIC is diverse and represents major agencies within the City.  The core membership currently consists of the following:

    • Jerry Tinianow (Office of Sustainability – Facilitator)
    • Laurel Delmonico (Budget and Management Office)
    • Scott Morrissey (Denver International Airport)
    • Deirdre Oss (Community Planning and Development)
    • Celia Vanderloop (Environmental Health)
    • Rich Gonzales (General Services)
    • Bob Finch (Parks and Recreation)
    • Paul Sobiech (Public Works)
    • Wendy Towber (Office of Economic Development)
    • Derek Okubo (Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships)
    • Scott Field (Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security)
    • Gary Anderson (Denver Sheriff Department)
    • Blair Malloy (Human Resources)

    Sustainability Advisory Council

    The Office of Sustainability Advisory Council is a group of volunteers who assist the Office in promoting the sustainability of the City and County of Denver and its community. The Council has the following functions:

    • Provide advice and recommendations to the staff of Denver’s Office of Sustainability concerning the policies, programs, operations, budget and fundraising of the Office. The Council is not involved in policies, decisions and actions related to personnel.

    • Assist the staff in connecting with people and organizations that can provide advice, support and resources for the operation of the Office.

    • Initiate projects of its own that supplement or support the programs of the Office and that are consistent with the policies of the Office and of the City and County of Denver. The Advisory Council does not have the authority to speak for the City and County of Denver or its Office of Sustainability, or otherwise to commit Denver to any course of action or inaction, but it may submit comments to the Mayor, other City departments and agencies, and the City Council on matters of policy.

    • Promote and communicate the principles of sustainability broadly among the community and peer networks.

    The Mayor appoints the members of the Council. Members serve for a term of two years and may thereafter be reappointed for successive terms without limitation at the discretion of the Mayor. Current members include:

    • Lisa Bardwell (Chair)
    • Alison Schwabe (Vice-Chair)
    • Lori Carter (Secretary)
    • Marc Alston
    • Ginny Brannon
    • Devon Buckels
    • Jill Cooper
    • Alexander Dane
    • Angie Fyfe
    • Nikki Jackson
    • Chris Jedd
    • Mike Krause
    • Mark Leese
    • Councilwoman Peggy Lehman
    • Jennifer Leitsch
    • Doug Linkhart
    • Hunter Lovins
    • Tim Martinez
    • Pete Maysmith
    • Andrea Mosby
    • David Noel
    • Rusty Perry
    • George Pond
    • Xiola Salas
    • William Sarni
    • Joshua Segura
    • Councilwoman Susan Shepherd
    • Janna Six
    • Kathryn Valdez

    The Advisory Council currently has three subcommittees: 1.) Energy, 2.) North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, and 3.) Aerotropolis. People who are not members of the Council may serve on a subcommittee, and a number of community volunteers are already serving on these subcommittees.