• Do Your Part


    We Denverites love our city, and we love doing things that allow us to give back and get back at the same time. By doing DenverRight, we can ensure resources are available and affordable for all Denver residents, now and in the future.  

    Want to join the countless Denverites who are doing DenverRight? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1.       Save money!

    The City and County of Denver is here to help you save your hard-earned money so that you can spend it on something other than utilities bills, filling up your gas tank, and parking meters. Start saving on your bottom-line today by signing up for the Denver Energy Challenge, checking out water saving tips from Denver Water, and using one of our city’s numerous transportation options.

    2.       Spend it here!

    Do Denver Right by spending the money you save here and supporting your local, neighborhood businesses.  By spending your money locally you help keep and create jobs in the Mile High City, reduce the environmental impact of transporting goods, and contribute to the uniqueness and character of our city’s vibrant neighborhoods. And if you want to spend your green at sustainable businesses, check out the city’s list of Certifiably Green Businesses.

    3.        Do it together!

    Known for being fit, friendly, and fun-loving, the people of Denver are a huge part of what makes our city such a great place to live. So why not get out there and get to know your fellow Denverites? It’s as easy as going to your next neighborhood meeting, hopping on public transit instead of into your car, joining a community garden, applying to participate in Denver's sustainable neighborhoods program, or volunteering at a local organization whose work you believe in. Our community is strongest when we all come together. And just think – with over 600,000 Denverites out there, you’ve got a lot of friends to go make!

    And don’t forget to share all the fun you’re having doing DenverRight with the Office of Sustainability! Let us know how you’re doing #DenverRight by posting a picture to Facebook using the hashtag #DenverRight for the chance to be our DenverRight of the Month and win fun prizes!

    Mayor Hancock is doing his part. What can you do?