No change? No Problem. And no parking ticket!

Smart Meters make parking in Denver easier. No more having to dig under the floor mat for spare change... Smart Meters are electronic meters powered by solar energy that accept the payment that's easiest for you:

Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards

  1. Slide the card into the slot and push the plus button (+) to increase the time or the minus button ( - ) to decrease the time displayed
  2. If a mistake is made, press the cancel button
  3. A receipt will not be printed, but the meter will beep when the transaction is complete

    There are no transaction fees to the customer, however a minimum of $1 must be charged.

Smart Cards

  1. Insert the card with the chip facing up
  2. Meter will first display remaining card value
  3. Time will be added in 25 cent increments Remove card immediately when desired time is reached


  1. Insert the amount of coins desired for the visit.
  2. The meter will display the amount of time purchased.

REMEMBER - Money can be added to extend the time on the meter unless the maximum amount of time has been purchased, then it is necessary to move your vehicle to another space!