Denver Union Station

 Station Area Successes    

 DaVita World Headquarters  
DaVita has made DUS its new home - taking advantage of unparalleled access to the region’s light and commuter rail network, downtown amenities, and an emerging transit oriented community. DaVita is spending $101 million to construct the 270,000 sq. ft. building, providing for 450 employees.

 RTD TOD Pilot Project

The Denver Union Station Master Plan serves as the blueprint for redeveloping and preserving Denver's historic Union Station and 19.85 acres of surrounding land. Union Station will be transformed into a transportation hub - serving the needs of residents, tourists and commuters.

 Historic Preservation

The Historic Station and a defined area encompassing the proposed plaza and new wing buildings were designated as a Denver Landmark in 2004.  This designation provides design and demolition review authority through the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission.  The Historic Station was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

Station Area Snapshot


Denver Union Station (DUS) will be the region's multimodal transportation hub. DUS will integrate light rail, commuter rail, bus service, and the 16th Street Mall shuttle, as well as taxis, bicycles, and pedestrians.

DUS provides an opportunity to create a dense, mixed-use transit-oriented development adjacent to the transit facility and may include up to 2 million square feet of development on the DUS site. It will be the "Grand Central Station" of the metropolitan region as the center of the regional transit system in the heart of the city. A master plan for the site has been completed and adopted by the four partner agencies (RTD, CDOT, DRCOG, City and County of Denver).

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On the Ground

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Station Area Planning

The Denver Union Station Master Plan presents a vision, a framework, and practical guidelines to transform the historic station into a multimodal transportation center serving the Denver region and the entire state of Colorado. The multimodal concept brings together many different means of transportation in one place with logical, safe, and convenient transfers.

The Master Plan expands this concept to include international connections through DIA and private international bus connections. And it restores the station as a gateway to Colorado, the metropolitan region, and Downtown Denver.


By combining all the region’s transportation modes at one hub, Denver Union Station will enhance the value of local, regional, state, and federal investments in highways, HOV lanes, light rail, commuter rail, local and regional buses, parking, bike paths, and pedestrian networks.

The diverse transportation elements of the metropolitan Denver region will be integrated into a single transportation system with easy linkages and transfers among modes. This newly unified system itself will be linked to transportation throughout Colorado and beyond.

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