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Denver’s west side is a community that is frequently described as an urban food desert  lacking sufficient access to fresh, nutritious food (especially fruits and vegetables). In undeserved communities the lack of a supermarket negati vely aff ects the ability of people to obtain a nutritionally adequate diet. At the same ti me incidence of diet-related diseases is disproportionately high in these areas. The “City Kitchen” will create a community destination for urban agriculture, food storage, processing and distribution, nutrition education, business incubation and health screenings among other potential activities.

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Check out the City Kitchen Food Hub Feasibility Study! This study is part of a "Healthy Eating Active Living" strategy generously funded by a 2010 Community Challenge grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Through a community focus group and expert resource interviews, case study research and site evaluation, the study identifies potential next steps in the conversation around creating a “terminal destination food hub.” At full build-out in the future, this facility can not only address immediate food access needs, but also carries the long-term potential of creating jobs and contributing to a successful economic development strategy for the city. The study identifies a bold long-term project concept that can be implemented in phases with the right partnerships and investment to help move it forward and bring fresh food to west Denver.  

Study Components:

  • West Denver food access issues and how a food hub can address the challenge (Including exploration of the study area, case studies, opportunity site evaluation, and an exciting food hub concept for west Denver)
  • Business feasibility study (including the current grocery retail market potential, funding and future partnership opportunities)
  • Implementation strategy (focused on ideas to help forward discussion about creating an innovative food hub)
  • Food hub case studies
  • Community focus group interviews


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How is this study related to the City’s other efforts related to other city "Healthy Eating Active Living" initiatives? 

The City of Denver’s Food Access Task Force released the Grocery Initiative Report which provides recommendations for public policies that will improve the availability of affordable and nutritious food in underserved regions through the development of new supermarkets and food stores. City Kitchen proposes an idea for an alternative to traditional grocery stores, but one that can also work in concert with established retailers with future partnership and collaboration to address food access challenges across the city.

Denver Healthy Food Access Initiative summary recommendations include a focus on similar ideas like delivering fresh food (through traditional grocery) to high needs areas, instituting efficiencies in administering Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program benefits, and ensuring quality transportation and access to food stores in high need neighborhoods.

Other City Health and Food Access Initiatives and Programs

Please contact the City department listed on the left for more information on the identified programs.

Arts and Venues Blue Bear Farm  Local sourcing of catering   
Denver Botanic Garden  Community Supported Agriculture (Chatfield)  UBU Curriculum   
Mayor’s Children's Cabinet  Food access for children     
Community Planning and Development  Zoning and land use layers     
Office of Economic Development  Food desert reduction Small business development program   
Denver Museum of Nature and Science  Local food sourcing     
Denver Environmental Health  Denver FRESH grocery retail expansion program  Healthy Food Access initiative (advised by Food Trust)  Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) 
Denver Human Services  SNAP Into Health     
Office of Sustainability  Denver SEEDS Urban Gardening  
Division of Safety  Aquaponics Program – Denver county Jail     
Denver Zoo  Local Food Procurement     

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