Accomplishments of the 2006 Strategic Plan

The 2006 TOD Strategic Plan created a work plan for the City's TOD Initiative. The following are some of our accomplishments since the completion of the plan. The 2014 Update of the Strategic Plan works to build upon these successes:

  • West Corridor Working Group
Organized the West Corridor Working Group that set a model for regional collaboration on equitable planning along a transit corridor. An Implementation Strategy for TOD along the Denver Region's West Corridor has been published. 

  • Denver Livability Partnership

Received approximately $3 million from HUD and DOT under the Partnership for Sustainable Communities. The Denver Livability Partnership  administered this funding for several planning activities that  set the stage for improved access to jobs, housing and other neighborhood resources.

  • Station Area Planning

Complete or have underway station area planning for over 20 stations in Denver.  For more information on these planning efforts and specific station area success stories, check out our interactive transit system map.

  • Denver Zoning Code

Implemented several station area plan recommendations and strategies through the adoption of the new context-based and form-based Denver Zoning Code text and map.

  • Station Typology

Denver’s TOD typology recognizes that TOD is not “one size fits all.” Th3 2006 plan typology helped set expectations at stations. The updated TOD Strategic Plan better aligns the typology with the Denver Zoning Code and reflects the station vision if a plan has been adopted. 

  • Strategic Parking Plan

Developed a systematic method for assessing parking supply and demand and determining effective parking management tools with the Strategic Parking Plan.

  • Better Denver Bond
Better Denver Bond has resulted in millions of dollars spent on infrastructure in TOD areas.

  • Affordable Housing
Created The Denver TOD Fund, a $15 million acquisition fund launched in 2010 in partnership with Urban Land Conservancy, the City & County of Denver, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, Mile High Community Loan Fund, local and national foundations and national banks with a local presence.