10th & Osage Station

 Station Area Successes    

 11th Ave Re-connection

11th Avenue between Kalamath and Lipan has been reopened using TOD bond funding.  The grid has been reinstituted with detached sidewalks and a 4-way traffic signal at 11th and Kalamath, providing important connectivity to the station.

 S. Lincoln Redevelopment Master Plan

The plan includes redesigning 270 existing DHA housing units to a higher density, mixed use configuration with the addition market rate units and 90 senior affordable housing  units.


 New Zoning

Significant portions of the station area have been rezoned to Denver's new form and context based zoning code. The rezoning implements plan recommendations of enhancing neighborhood livability, reducing automobile dependence and supporting transit through development.

10th & Osage Station Area Snapshot

The 10th & Osage Station is located along the Central Corridor Light Rail Line. The station serves surrounding neighborhoods and is considered an Urban Neighborhood station type.

From the Air

On the Ground

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Station Area Planning

The 10th and Osage station area is incorporated as part of the larger La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Plan, adopted by City Council on September 20, 2010.
Download the adopted plan here (pdf, 15MB)