Alameda Station

 Station Area Successes    

 Urban Design District GDP
Prepared a General Development Plan and Urban Design Standards and Guidelines for an 80 acre redevelopment site, known as the Denver Design District, building upon the station area plan by providing more detail on land use and infrastructure improvements. 

 RTD TOD Pilot Project

The Alameda Station area was selected by RTD to take part in the TOD Pilot Program. This partnership will look into new tools such as joint development,  flexible land options, and strategic parking management.

 New Zoning

Significant portions of the station area have been rezoned to Denver's new form and context based zoning code. The rezoning implements plan recommendations of enhancing neighborhood livability, reducing automobile dependence and supporting transit through development.

Alameda Station Snapshot

Alameda station is on the Central Light Rail Corridor, which opened in 1994 and was Denver's first Light Rail Line. The station is situated west of Broadway at Alameda Ave. Alameda is an urban center station allowing residential, commercial, and retail uses with a small park-n-ride facility.  It is designed to serve the immediate neighborhoods of Baker, West Washington Park, Athmar Park, and Valverde.  These surrounding neighborhoods offer  charming quality housing stock, neighborhood parks, schools, and small business districts. The addition of the station adds significant value to these areas.  There is tremendous opportunity for new development and the area is seeing increased interest in making Alameda Station a robust transit oriented development. To guide this redevelopment a Station Area Plan was created.

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Station Area Plan

The Alameda Station Area Plan is an important document in establishing a clear vision for the station area and adjoining neighborhoods.  Strategies will:
  • Offer a rich mix of transportation, employment, shopping and housing choices
  • Promote land use and service arrangement in an efficient manner
  • Capture the value and ensure the success of this significant public investment in the rail system
  • Design safe and enjoyable destinations and places for the neighborhood
  • Create access to the region for employment, residential, cultural and recreational

Plan Implementation

Strategic and collaborative Planning provides a framework for strong partnerships, clear regulations, infrastructure priorities, and investment creating tax base and jobs.  Together these achieve the aspirations and vision of Denver.



General Development Plan (GDP)

The Denver Design District General Development Plan (2008) is located on approximately 80 acres adjacent to the Alameda Light Rail Station at Alameda Avenue and S. Broadway.  This project is a valuable opportunity to transform a previously industrial and commercial auto-oriented site into a high quality transit-oriented development that re-establishes the urban fabric of the neighborhood.  Key recommendations of the plan include strategies for improving access in the station area for pedestrians, bikes, cars and buses through significant extensions of the street grid.  Reintroducing a rich mix of land use choices and densities will create a safe and vital community.  The GDP provides for several million square feet of commercial (office, retail and hotel), residential and educational use.

Urban Design Standards and Guidelines (PDF)

The UDSG for the Denver Design District (2008) are presented in recognition of the special opportunity offered on this site for the creation of a high quality transit-oriented development that integrates with the surrounding community, restores the urban fabric to an area that has historically been commercial, and auto-oriented in nature. It is intended to provide additional guidance to designers, developers, planners, and reviewing agencies for the realization of a coherent, high-quality urban community.


The plan recommended more predictable zoning for the established neighborhoods surrounding the station. In 2010, with adoption of Denver's new zoning code, these areas were rezoned to the Urban Center Neighborhood Context, with a range of building heights from 5 to 16 stories, following the plan and GDP recommendations..






Once completed, the Alameda Station Area Plan laid the framework for new regulations, partnerships, public infrastructure, and private investment.