I-225 Corridor

  Nine Mile Station Dayton Station Peoria Station Peoria Station Dayton Station Nine Mile Station

I-225 Corridor

The I-225 Corridor is a commuter corridor linking Downtown to southwest neighborhoods and the the City of Aurora.  The I-225 corridor was completed in 2006 as part of the Southeast Corridor.

Access to...

  • Cherry Creek Reservoir
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Southeast Neighborhoods


None of the stations along the I-225 Corridor are within the City of Denver. However, the station areas for two stations do include parts of Denver. The Dayton station is an Urban Neighborhood station, characterized by its walk-up nature with bus connections and minimal parking. Nine Mile station is a Commuter Town Centers, characterized by a potential for a mixture of office, retail, and residential uses along with a large park-n-ride facility.