Discover Denver's Compost Collection Program

Organic material like food, soiled paper and yard debris is the single largest item we throw away in our landfill, and it is 100% compostable. Participants in the compost collection program receive a large, green composting cart and weekly collection. Organic material such as yard debris, food and soiled paper are all accepted in the program.  Only material inside the green cart can be collected. 

To find out if your home is within a Composting Collection program area CLICK HERE.

The Compost Collection program is a fee-based program. Participants may make $29.25 Quarterly Payments (every three months) or a single payment for one year.  The majority of participants choose to prepay for the year and pay online. It saves money, paper and time!

How the program works:
  1. Toss yard debris, food and non-recyclable paper into your green cart for Denver Recycles to collect.
  2. Denver Recycles delivers the organic material collected to a composting facility run by A1 Organics.
  3. Organic material goes through a natural process that transforms it into compost that is sold to farmers and landscapers.

Enroll in Compost Collection Program

Only homes within Compost Collection program service areas that have not reached the maximum collection threshold are eligible for this service.  To find out if your home is eligible for the Compost Collection program CLICK HERE.

Compost Expansion News

2015 Compost Expansion Area

The new compost expansion areas for 2015 are posted at Compost Collection Schedule & Areas. Residents within the new areas will be contact by mail and may pre-register for the program prior to the launch date. Homes in current compost service areas that were previously not able to subscribe because compost routes were full, will also be eligible to pre-register for the compost program. Compost collection services in the newly expanded areas will begin the week starting January 5, 2015.

In the fall of 2013, Denver City Council and the Mayor approved the proposal to expand composting service. We greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to reach out to their City Council members to express their support for residential composting in Denver. .  Thank you for your patience as we work to grow this program and please stay tuned for program updates.

Denver Composts Guide

Denver Composts 
Service Instructions
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