Barrel Overflow Collection Schedule for 2014

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2014 Barrel Overflow Key

Don’t Get Stuck with Extra Trash – Properly Use Overflow Services

  • Only trash inside the black barrel is collected weekly. Overflow trash is any material left outside of your City-issued black trash barrel.
  • Overflow trash is collected once every 3 weeks.
  • During your scheduled overflow collection week, your extra trash must be set out by 7 AM on your normal trash collection day.
  • Trash should not be stored at the curb on non-collection days. Store your black barrel and overflow trash on your property, out of public view, until your scheduled collection day.
  • Trash should not be set out in cardboard boxes.
  • A maximum of 10 bags will be collected per overflow collection cycle(every 3 weeks) per household.
  • Use your barrel to full capacity. Heavy items should be placed in the bottom, the lid may be open to a 45 degree angle, and trash must not be placed on top of the lid.