Missed Trash or Recycling Pickup

There are a number of reasons that your trash or recycling might have been missed.

  1. HOLIDAY WEEKS: During holiday weeks, the collection schedule is delayed by one day following the holiday.  Check the holiday schedule
  2. BLOCKED OR IMPROPER SET OUT: Sometimes trash or recycling can’t be collected because containers are blocked or containers were set out incorrectly. Check the trash service guidelines or recycling service guidelines to make sure your containers were set out correctly.
  3. OVERFLOW & LIP WEEKS: Large Items Pickup follows a 9 week collection cycle and Overflow trash in barrel trash container areas follows a 3 week collection cycle.
REPORTING A MISSED COLLECTION: If your trash or recycling was for missed (and not for one of the above reasons), please call us at 311 (720-913-1311) to report the missed collection and/or find out if there was another reason for the missed collection.