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Aluminum Can Quiz


  1. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to run your TV for three cartoon episodes
  2. Aluminum cans get cold as fast as bottles or drink boxes
  3. An aluminum can recycled today could be back in stores as a new can in just two months
  4. Enough aluminum cans were recycled last year to fill the New York Empire State building 24 times
  5. Last year Americans recycled enough aluminum cans to stretch to the moon and back two times
  6. Aluminum cans are recycled more than any other drink container, such as juice boxes or plastic bottles
  7. The number of cans recycled every 30 seconds equals the number of people who could fill an entire professional football stadium
  8. An aluminum can is able to be recycled up to three times

Math Challenge

If a car can go 30 miles on one gallon of gas, how far could it travel on the amount of gasoline saved by recycling 8 aluminum cans each month for one year?

HINT: Recycling one aluminum can saves the energy equivalent of one cup of gasoline (1 gallon equals 16 cups).
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