Set up Recycling Email Reminders

Use this form to sign up for (or update) your e-mail reminder about your recycling pick-up day.  This page is not for signing up for recycling services or ordering a recycling cart.  Please begin by entering your address below:
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To UNSUBCRIBE to the recycling email reminder service, you must first enter your address or old address in the form above.

Address Search Tips

To find your address, please check that the Number, Direction (i.e. South, East, West), Street Name, and Qualifier (i.e. St., Way, Blvd, etc.) all match your current address.

In Denver, the word "North" or "N" is not typically used for addresses that are in the northern half of the city. For example, 5200 Federal is located in the northern section of Denver, but it is not actually called North Federal. Unless you are certain that your address is formally designated as North, you should not select north, and instead, leave your street direction entry blank.

NOTE: Email reminder addresses returned as undeliverable are deleted from the system.

If you need assistance, contact us         at 3-1-1 or by email.