Denver Recycles’ Annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale on to be held on May 2nd

ONE DAY – TWO TIMES THE VALUE!  Kick-off the spring landscaping season by getting your compost for less and mulch for free! Denver Recycles is hosting its annualFree Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale on Saturday, May 2nd, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. At the main Havana Nursery location, Denver residents can load up on free mulchand purchase compost at a significantly discounted price, while supplies last. 

To meet the increasing popularity for compost, 50% more bags of compost will be available for sale at this year’s event compared to last year. Pre-bagged compost will be sold at the reduced price of $3.75 per 1.25 cubic ft. bag (9 gal), or loose at the price of $31.50 per cubic yard (prices includes tax). Compost is only available at the Havana Nursery site (10450 Smith Rd., just south of I-70 on Havana St.), while supplies last on Saturday, May 2nd. Loader service into trucks and trailers will be available for large loads of compost purchased. Limit of 20 bags of compost or 3 cubic yards of compost per vehicle. 

Dig-Your-Own free mulch will be available at five locations around Denver, plus mulch loader service into trucks and trailers at the Havana Nursery location.

  • Northeast: Havana Nursery (10450 Smith Rd., just south of I-70 on Havana St.) 
  • Southeast: Veterans Park (Iowa St. & Vine St.) 
  • Southwest: Bear Creek Park (South of Dartmouth Ave. on Raleigh St.) 
  • Northwest: Sloan’s Lake Park (Sheridan Blvd. & 17th Ave.) 
  •  Northeast: Fred Thomas Park (Quebec St. & 26th Ave.) 

 Event Reminders: 
  • Please bring your own pitchfork or shovel, and bags or containers for loading mulch. 
  • Bring a tarp to cover your truck or trailer.
  • Denver residents only. 
  • Commercial vehicles are prohibited from taking or selling the mulch or compost from this event.  
  • This annual event is the only opportunity to purchase compost from the Denver Composts program. 
Compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment made from decomposed organic material, can be mixed into soil to help reduce water and fertilizer needs, and spread thinly over lawns to help grass roots retain moisture. The compost sold at this event was made from leaves collected through Denver Recycle’s annual LeafDrop program and from the organic materials collected through the Denver Composts program. 

The mulch for this event was created by grinding and combining the Christmas trees Denver residents set out for Denver Recycles’ annual Treecycle collection program and storm debris branches. Mulch is made from ground wood chips and can be used to control weeds. It also helps soil retain moisture and protects shallow-rooted plants. 

 The Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale is sponsored by the City and County of Denver’s Department of Public Works’ Denver Recycles program and Denver Parks & Recreation, in partnership with A1 Organics.  Call 311 (720-913-1311) or visit for more information on Denver Recycles’ programs.

Denver Composts Expands in 2015!

Denver Recycles is excited to announce that the Denver Composts program is doubling in size in 2015, bringing cart-based composting to double the number of participants!  
That’s right - with two new routes adding to the two existing routes, the Denver Composts program is now accessible to more neighborhoods and more participants than ever before.  Since organic material is the single largest item that is thrown away by Denver households, this expansion will help to keep tons of material out of our landfill (literally, TONS!). 

While the program is expanding, its growth is slow and compost collection service is not yet offered citywide. To find out if your home is eligible for this fee-based collection service, simply visit, or call 311 (720-913-1311). 

Similar to Denver’s recycling program, Denver Composts is a cart-based program. Unlike recycling, however, Denver Composts is fee-based, and Denver residents in eligible compost areas pay a monthly rate of $9.75 for the weekly collection of organic materials. If your household doesn’t generate enough material to fill a green cart each week, consider sharing the service with your neighbors.  

Materials collected in the green compost carts include yard debris, food, and non-recyclable paper such as food soiled paper, napkins, and paper towels.   The contents of the green compost carts are taken to a commercial processing facility and turned into a soil amendment know as compost. 

As the single largest stream of materials thrown away by Denver households, organic materials make up more than 50 percent of what is taken to the landfill. Regardless of whether your home falls within the Denver Composts service area, backyard composting is still a great way for all Denver residents to reduce the amount of organic materials sent to Denver’s landfills

If your home already has backyard composting and you’re eligible for the collection service, the Denver Composts cart is a great supplement, and can take the materials that don’t go in your backyard system. Whether you live in a house or in an apartment, there’s a compost system that can work for your home. Keep an eye out for the 2015 schedule of free FREE Learn to Compost Classes classes offered by Denver Recycles and Denver Urban Gardens. The full list of classes will be available at

Help Keep Denver Beautiful by Recycling at “The Great Denver Cleanup” on May 9th

Spring is the perfect time to tackle cleaning jobs around your home, yard, and neighborhood and this year Denver Solid Waste Management is helping to make your spring cleaning easier than ever. Get rid of your old furniture, yard debris, rigid plastic items, and trash by participating in The Great Denver Cleanup.  Bring your unwanted materials to one of 11 free drop-sites around the City on Saturday, May 9th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Keep Denver Beautiful is partnering with Goodwill Industries of Denver to accept the following items for reuse, recycling and composting at each drop-off location:  

  • Donations for Goodwill Industries of Denver - household goods, clothing, shoes, mattresses, toys, and appliances (no Freon).
  • Yard debris -  leaves and branches less than 5 feet long and less than 4 inches in diameter.
  • Large rigid plastics - items such as laundry baskets, large toys or play centers, kid pools, lawn furniture, 5-gallon buckets and old plastic storage tubs. Please note, large rigid plastics are not accepted in your Denver Recycles purple cart, as the are too large for the normal collection and sorting process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recycle your large rigid plastics, for free, at this event! 
  • Scrap metal - metal poles, old bicycles, metal shelves, etc.   
Not accepted: 
  • NO electronics, no TVs, no computers, etc.
  • NO household hazardous waste- paint, chemicals, etc.
  • NO building materials or tree stumps.

The Great Denver Cleanu
p is a one-day event organized by Keep Denver Beautiful, a program of Denver Public Works/Solid Waste Management, in partnership with Goodwill Industries of Denver and Waste Management of Colorado. For drop-off locations and a complete list of acceptable items, call 311 (720-913-1311) or visit

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