Trash Collection Service Types

Trash Cart Collection Service

Some neighborhoods use city-issued 95 gallon black trash carts to set out trash. Our crews collect these trash carts in automated trucks equipped with specially designed arms that grasp, lift and empty the container. If you live in a black trash cart collection area, be sure to set out your container in the flow line of the gutter or on the designated side of the alley,  leaving at least 2 feet of clearance from other containers, parked cars, lamp posts, trees, mailboxes, etc., so the automated truck can access the container. Please fill the container to its maximum capacity with household trash and yard waste that can not be recycled. If necessary, you may set out additional trash in heavy duty trash bags or cans only during your scheduled overflow week collection (once every three weeks). Please store your black trash cart and any other trash containers out of public view on non collection days.

Dumpster Collection Service

Solid Waste Management provides dumpsters in the alleyways for disposal of household trash only. Crews with specially designed trucks automatically lift and empty the dumpster. If you live in a dumpster area, please keep the area around the dumpster clear of trash and large items at all times so that we may serve you safely. Place all garbage and yard clippings that can’t be recycled in plastic bags before setting the materials in the dumpster.   

Manual Collection Service

Manual collection is when Solid Waste Management crews physically pick up your trash containers from the alley or curb and empty them into a rear-loading truck. If you live in a manual collection area, you may use heavy duty plastic trash bags, or trash cans no larger than 32 gallons in size. Your full containers must not weigh more than 50 pounds. Please store your containers out of public view on non-collection days. 

Residential trash collection type is determined by the City & County of Denver.

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