Storm Drainage and Sanitary Sewer Billing

Storm Drainage Billing 

Your storm drainage bill is based on a formula using your lot size, impervious (non-porous) area (may include building roof tops, sidewalk, driveway, patio, etc.) and our billing rate to determine each property owner's bill. Use the bill calculator at right to estimate your bill.

Sanitary Sewer Billing 

To reduce costs and as a convenience to customers, a combination bill was developed. The sanitary sewer bill is based on the water consumption metered by the Denver Water Department. This information is included on your combined bill.

Every residential customer has a one-month winter billing period (February). Metered water consumption for this winter period established sanitary sewer charges for the entire year. Even though your water use may increase during the summer, your sanitary sewer charges will remain constant.

The sanitary sewer charge for non-residential property is based upon actual metered consumption in each billing period during the year.

Calculate your storm drainage bill

Stormwater Rate Calculator  
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