Help Protect Denver's Water Resources

Be a part of a growing community of concerned residents and businesses who are committed to protecting Denver's precious water resources. Together with Denver Public Works, Environmental Health, and other community partners, we can work together to protect rivers, lakes and streams by promoting healthier disposal of toxic waste from our homes, schools, businesses, ad recreation areas.

Things you can do around the house...

  • Don't overuse fertilizers and pesticides.   Follow manufacturer's recommendations, sweep up any excess and try not to fertilize when the weather forecast calls for rain.
  • Don't place yard clippings and landscaping materials in streets and gutters.   Also don't sweep leaves into streets and storm drains.
  • Don't place dirt or mulch for landscaping projects in the street.   Cover stockpiled materials when not is use.
  • Litter   Plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts and other litter washed into waterbodies can injure ducks, fish, birds and other wildlife.
  • Pet Waste   Pet waste left on the ground contains harmful bacteria and excess nutrients that wash into storm drains and the into waterways where they increase public health risk for water users. Order free pet waste bags now.
  • Dispose of Properly   Always collect your trash and bag your pet waste before disposing of it in appropriate containers.
  • Don't wash your car at home.   Prevent harmful detergents and contaminants from washing down storm sewers by using a commercial car wash.
  • Don't dump auto fluids into the gutter. Use designated drop-off or recycling locations for disposal of auto fluids.

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