Be Wise When You Fertilize

Problem: Excess fertilizer washes off lawns and ends up in waterways where it can cause algae blooms and harm aquatic wildlife. 

Solution: Be sure you're applying fertilizer properly.

Here are 5 tips on how to keep your lawn looking good while helping keep Denver's waters clean.

  1. Get Tested
    Have your soil tested for pH levels and the need for additional nutrients. This will help determine which fertilizers and supplements are needed.
  2. Slow It Down
    Select lawn-grade fertilizers that include Slow Release Nitrogen to prevent lawn burn, reduce runoff and leaching of nutrients into groundwater.
  3. Be Well Read
    Read and follow all label directions when applying fertilizer. Incorrect application such as spilling onto paved surfaces can result in fertilizer being washed down storm sewers and ending up in our waterways.
  4. Chill Out
    Grass will not use fertilizer when it is not actively growing. To prevent runoff pollution of lakes and streams, never apply fertilizers to frozen ground or pavement.
  5. Spread It Out
    Be sure your spreader is working and adjusted properly. Read and follow the spreader setting instructions on the fertilizer label so that your spreader applies the correct amount of fertilizer.