Bidding Process


Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) Contract Administration handles bid openings, facilitates the contract paperwork flow, helps develop and implement ordinances to improve services with the construction community, and provides research as requested.  Contract administration also provides coordination, management, tracking, verification and control of citywide contract needs.


Q: How do I obtain plans, specifications and bid documents for an advertised construction project?
  Visit main page. Click on the project you are interested in, scroll to and click on the “Digital Download” link which will direct you to the QuestCDN website to view the plans and specifications at no charge.  A fee of $15 is required to download the bid documents, plans and specifications.

Q: How can I find current Prevailing Wages?
Visit the Prevailing Wage page for details

Q: I am interested in submitting a bid on a project that has a M/WBE, SBE or DBE goal assigned to it.  Where can I find certified firms?
Certified Firms 

Q: I am interested in bidding a project that lists a Prequalification Requirement.  Where can I find information relating to these requirements?
  Prequalification Requirements

Q: Are pre-bid meetings mandatory?
It can vary from project to project; refer to the Advertisement for Pre-Bid specifics.

Q: Where can I find a list of prime contractors or consultants that may be bidding or proposing on a project?
All Public Works projects are advertised on, the “Digital Download” link in the advertisement will take you to QuestCDN where you can view the list of plan holders who have registered with their contact information.


Q:If I am unable to attend a bid opening where can I obtain information regarding bids that were submitted?
 Bid summaries are generally posted within two (2) business days of the advertised bid opening

Q: When will a bid tabulation be available for a previously bid project?
  Bid tabulations are posted once the City has received a signed contract from the apparent low bidder. Bid tabulations are not posted if it was a lump sum bid. For those, refer to the Bid Summary.

Q: The City advertised a RFP/RFQ, how can I find out which firm was selected?
View our Previously Awarded RFP/RFP page for a full listing.

Quest CDN Project Plan Download Instructions

Instructions for downloading project plans

Textura Payment System

Textura is an online system for the construction industry that saves clients time with electronic signatures and therefore expediting design, pre-qualification, and bid payments.

Textura Resources


Kit Bradley
Consultant, Client Services

Oracle and Textura,


Prequalification rules are adopted to insure that companies bidding and proposing on major construction contracts let by DOTI or the Department of Aviation have the experience, skill, financial resources and integrity needed to perform the type and size of work involved, by using a system of contractor prequalifications.