Upcoming Projects

Professional Services (Projected) 

Q1 2022

Martinez Park

  • The first of numerous phases will include the design of a Joseph P. Martinez Memorial Plaza, cultural playground, restroom, parking lot, pollinator garden, multi-sports court, fitness station, multi-use lawn area. The first phase will also include new irrigation system and landscape improvements.

Q2 2022

Civic Center Park Improvements 

  • Park improvements

Loretto Heights Campus Renovations 

  • Campus renovations

Program Management Support

  • The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) reauthorizes transportation funding (both highway and transit) for the next six years.  This bill includes nearly $550 billion in new funding over the next 10 years, for other infrastructure programs including water, wastewater and electric vehicle (EV) charging.  Most of the additional funds, as well as some of the formula funds, are dedicated to competitive grant programs.  Competing for these grants will require internal planning, internal and public reviews and building knowledge resources.
  • The City and County of Denver (the City) is looking for a Program Management firm to support the City in the development and implementation of a programmatic approach to help plan for and secure IIJA funding (formula and grants), and once secured to facilitate efficient and effective program/project delivery in alignment with funding guidelines.  The programmatic approach is intended to include:
  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Program Management
  3. Program/Project Controls &Technology
  4. Grant Application and Management
  5. Project Coordination and Technical Support
  6. Communications

Transportation and Mobility DBE On-Calls

  • The goal of this procurement is to establish on-call contracts for federally funded professional engineering services related to transportation and mobility.

Q3 2022

Fire Station 72nd & Tower Rd

  • Construction of a new fire station to serve the community


Construction Services (Projected)

Q1 2022

Safe Routes To School

  • Provide Curb Extensions, curb ramps and crosswalk markings along Bruce Randolph Ave at Franklin St and Humboldt St to improve Safe Routes to School.  Goal: TBD

2019 McAuliffe CDOT Grant Sidewalk Infrastructure Project

  • This project is CDOT Grant funded to implement infrastructure changes to McAuliffee Elementary per CDOT grant requirements. 

Mill Levy 26

  • This is the 2020 Traffic Signal Upgrade Mill Levy 26 Project.  The overall objective of this project is the redesign and reconstruction of six (6) traffic signals within the City and County of Denver (CCD).

Tennessee & Oneida Storm Phase 1

  • The project will construct Phase 1 of the Tennessee and Oneida project.

South Broadway Corridor Multi-Modal Transportation Improvements Project

  • Develop a two-way enhanced bicycle facility concept design (10-30 % design, aerial-based plans) for the Broadway corridor (I-25 to 16th) to educate the public, including cyclists, residents, and business owners and their employees, of the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a multi-modal corridor.

Q2 2022

Bowles Ditch Separation, Phase 1

  • This general storm project is to address flooding issues in southwest Denver

Citywide Sidewalk - IC Contract - CD8 - Smith Road & North Quebec St (9 Seg) Phase 2

  • Sidewalk improvements

Citywide Sidewalk - IC Contract - CD10 - Group 1 (7 Seg) Phase 1

  • This project will design and construct 7 missing sidewalk segments covering approximately 5,872 linear feet across council district 10.

Connecting Auraria

  • Streetscape and bridge design and replacement on Larimer across Speer.  Goal: TBD

General Sanitary - 29th and Speer Blvd

  • This project will remove and replace existing sanitary sewer in Speer Blvd from W 29th Ave to Bryant St.  This project will also construct storm improvements at the Louisiana and Pearl intersection.

General Storm - Antero Peak

  • This is General Storm project to address local drainage issues.

Harvey Park Recreation Center Improvements  (Parking Lot)

  • This project will acquire existing tennis courts from DPS to create a new parking area to serve the Park and Harvey Park Recreation Center with access from Tennyson. This project will also make access improvements around the recreation center entrance and into the Park by replacing deteriorated walkways and adding site amenities and landscaping.

HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg 4: Park & I25/I70; Miss @ Platte/Santa Fe; Colfax/Downing

  • HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg. 4 is a federal grant traffic signal upgrade and intersection improvement project operating under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The project goal s to reconstruct four (4) existing traffic signals within the City and County of Denver to current city standard and MUTCD criteria.

ITS Device Performance and Reliability Improvement

  • The project will improve the performance and reliability of the communication network used by Denver ITS Devices. 

Jackson St. System, Ph2

  • The Jackson St. Storm Phase 2 project is a large storm system that extends from 14th Ave and Jackson Street to near Hale Parkway along Colorado Blvd or Albion St.

Mill 22

  • Signal rebuilds along Evans

Mill Levy 15 Central Capitol Hill at 6th Ave and 8th Ave

  • The goal of the City and County of Denver (City) PW Transportation & Mobility is to improve public safety for all modes of transportation on city streets. The age and poor safety record of eighteen (18) traffic signals on 6th and 8th Avenue, two major roadways that connect Denver to the surrounding metro area, warrant a complete reconstruction to meet safety standards.

Police District 6 Replacement

  • This project would involve retrofitting the existing Pre-Arraignment Detention Facility (PADF) to suit the needs of a relocated Police District 6 to house a modern police substation.

WQ - Kentucky & Irving Intersection Improvements

  • This is a new park and green infrastructure construction project.

Q3 2022

27th Street Interceptor, PH4

  • 27th Street Interceptor, PH4

General Storm - Torreys Peak

  • General storm

Mill 18

  • Signal rebuild at 15th/Umatilla

Mill 18A

  • Signal rebuild at Lowell/44th, Irving/44th

Mill 38

  • Signal rebuild at 38th and Arkins

Mill Levy 16A: Capitol Hill - 13th Ave and 14th Ave

  • The overall objective of this project is the redesign and reconstruction of the traffic signals and intersections of two major corridors within the City and County of Denver   13th Avenue, and 14th Avenue. There are a total of six (6) traffic signals.

West Colfax Transit Enhancements

  • Improve transit on-time performance and reliability, improve transit rider experience The project includes 1.5 miles of mobility improvements along W. Colfax between Irving and Sheridan.

WQ SS-Federal Blvd, Alameda to Mississippi

  • This project will design and implement Ultra-Urban street side stormwater planters to provide water quality management for up to 18.5 acres of impervious right-of-way.

Q4 2022

Bridge - Speer Boulevard Over Little Raven Street

  • Speer Boulevard over Little Raven Street bridge rehabilitation.

Bridge - Speer Boulevard Over Platte River

  • Bridge Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (Speer Boulevard over Platte River) 

Colfax Corridor Improvements (west segment only)

  • The Colfax Pedestrian Mobility & Streetscape Improvements Project will construct pedestrian improvements within four segments of Colfax Avenue which will contribute to the overall safety of the pedestrian environment on the corridor.
Federal Boulevard Transit Speed and Reliability Project
  • A project to provide professional design services along Federal Boulevard to evaluate, prioritize, and design transit, speed, and reliability improvements based on previous studies. Scope includes performing a gap analysis, completion of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, and preparing design documents matching available project funding. 
HSIP 2018 Pkg 2: Fed @ 38th/Exposition/Kentucky/Mississippi/ Jewell/ CO/MLK
  • Rebuilt traffic signals and intersection improvements at Colorado Blvd & MLK Blvd, and 5 Locations along Federal Blvd: 38th Ave, Exposition Ave, Kentucky Ave, Mississippi Ave, & Jewell Ave.  

Morrison Road Improvements

  • Enhance pedestrian comfort and safety, improvements to streetscape. Between Nevada Place and Perry Street, project includes full depth asphalt reconstruction of Morrison Road with widened tree lawns and concrete sidewalks on each side.

Q1 2023

E. 16th Avenue System, Ph2 

  • The E 16th Avenue-Phase 2 storm drain will utilize available capacity in the "Montclair Phase II" and E 16th Avenue System-Phase 1 storm drainage projects by increasing inlet and storm sewer capacity. 

Colfax Transit Implementation - Osage and Mariposa

  • Transit implementation

Globeville Levee Phase 2

  • Improve the existing Globeville Levee along the west bank of the SPR.

Heron Pond Carpio-Sanguinette Ph 2 PARK

  • Water quality, stormwater and park improvements at Carpio-Sanguinette Park.

HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg 5: Colfax at Broadway/Lincoln/Grant

  • HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg. 5 is a federal grant traffic signal upgrade and intersection improvement project operating under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The project goal s to reconstruct three (3) existing traffic signals within the City and County of Denver to current city standard and MUTCD criteria.

Mill 10 Monaco Signal Rebuild 

  • Scope includes redesign and reconstruction of seven (7) traffic signals within the City and County of Denver (CCD).

Safer Main Streets - Mississippi Ave Vision Zero Safety Project

  • The Safer Main Streets - Mississippi Avenue Vision Zero Safety Project will utilize the CDOT Grant funds to design and construct safety improvements. The project will remove one through lane in each direction, construct raised medians to restrict turns from side-streets while still allowing left turns from Mississippi Ave to select side streets.

Westwood Recreation Center

  • This project includes acquisition, design and construction of a new recreation center facility in the Westwood neighborhood in Denver.

Q2 2023

Bridge - Monaco Parkway Over Cherry Creek

  • Bridge Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (Monaco Parkway over Cherry Creek)

Sheridan Blvd and 52nd Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project

  • A project for the preliminary design of pedestrian safety improvements along Sheridan Boulevard from I-70 to 52nd Ave., and along 52nd Ave. from Jay St. to Tennyson St.  

Skyline Park Improvements

  • This project at Skyline Park will improve existing facilities and provide new amenities that will foster everyday activation and engage more people year-round.

Q3 2023

Bridge - 8th Avenue Viaduct

  • Structural Rehabilitation of the 2,370 Foot long 8th Avenue Viaduct between Vallejo Street and Mariposa Street.

Washington St. from S. Platte River to E. 52nd Ave

  • Reconstruction of Washington Street from E. 47th Ave. to E. 52nd Ave., and for improvements along Washington Street from the S. Platte River to E. 47th Ave.

Q4 2023

Buchtel Multimodal Improvements (Includes Colorado Station Bike/Ped)

  • This project includes conversion of Buchtel Boulevard from University to Colorado to be a more complete street and improvements to 2 intersections along University and Colorado Blvd.


  • New signal on University at Harvard Gulch