Upcoming Projects

Professional Services (Projected) 

Q1 2021

Rec Center Improvements - Swansea Upgrades Floors, Paint, Kitchens 

  • Swansea Upgrades (Floors, Paint, Kitches, etc.)  Goal: TBD

Q2 2021

Morrison Road Improvements

  • Enhance pedestrian comfort and safety, improvements to streetscape.  Goal: TBD

Q3 2021

Highline Canal Connections 

  • This project will improve safety for trail users along the High Line Canal Trail, supporting bicycle and pedestrian activity and connectivity, both locally and regionally.  Goal: TBD

Construction Services (Projected)

Q1 2021

 27th Street Interceptor Phase 3

  • This project will construct a large diameter storm drainage system in 27th to 26th along California and southeast along 26th to Washington Street.  Goal: TBD

WQ SSC Federal Blvd - Alameda to Mississippi

  • In collaboration with Forestry, Transportation & Mobility, and The Little Saigon BID, this project will design and implement Ultra-Urban streetside stormwater planters to provide water quality management for up to 18.5 acres of impervious right-of-way.  The design will also include extensive street tree plantings outside of the WQ facilities to enhance overall streetscape for this stretch of Federal Blvd.  Goal: TBD

WQ REG Heron Pond-Carpio Sanguinette Park Phase 1

  • Construction of Emerson Street from 51st to 52nd Avenues and the extension of 51st Avenue to the proposed South Platte River Bridge. An 18 AC-FT water quality pond will be excavated/constructed in the 35 acres north of 51st Avenue, as well as the associated channel improvements.  The site adjacent to 51st Ave and Emerson St will be pad graded for future park amenities.  An overlook and adjacent trail system will also be implemented north of 53rd Avenue.  Goal: TBD

Mill Levy 16A: Capitol Hill - 13th Ave and 14th Ave

  • Redesign and reconstruction of the traffic signals and intersections of two major corridors within the City and County of Denver –  13th Avenue, and 14th Avenue. There are a total of six  (6) traffic signals is this project and the locations of these traffic signals upgrade are at the following intersections.
  • 6 Signals:
  • 13th at: Clarkson, Corona, Downing
  • 14th at: Clarkson, Washington, Pearl
  • Goal: TBD

Safe Routes To School

  • Provide curb extensions, curb ramps and crosswalk markings  along Bruce Randolph Ave at Franklin St and Humboldt St to improve Safe Routes to School.  Goal: TBD

Park Maintenance Facilities - Rosedale

  • Improvements to the Rosedale Parks Maintenance Facility, including renovation of the existing buildings, construction of a new building, site work and landscaping.  Goal: TBD

2019 New Traffic Signals - 1: 11th Ave & Josephine, Alameda & Newport, 13th Ave & Osage (09.249)

  • This package consists of design for three new signals at E 11th Avenue/Josephine Street (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon), E Alameda Avenue/S Newport Way (Full Traffic Signal), and W 13th Avenue/Osage Street (Full Traffic Signal)  that are being combined into one design package for design by one Consultant. This will take the signals to final design including a full Plans, Specifications, and Estimate package.  Goal: TBD

HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg 5: Colfax at Broadway/Lincoln/Grant

  • HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg. 5 is a federal grant traffic signal upgrade and intersection improvement project operating under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The project goal is to reconstruct three (3) existing traffic signals within the City and County of Denver located at (1) Colfax Avenue and Broadway; (2) Colfax Avenue and Lincoln Street; and (3) Colfax Avenue and Grant Street.  Goal: TBD

Citywide Bike - 18th/19th St and Lincoln Protected Bike & Transit Lanes  (

  • This project consists of restriping for bike and transit lanes along parts of Lincoln Street, 18th Street, and 19 Street, along with construction of bus islands on 18th Street, and modification of existing sidewalks at certain locations.  To accommodate the bike and transit lanes, on street parking and parking meters will be removed in some locations.  Signals at some intersections will be modified to include bike signals and additional signage.  Goal: TBD

20th Street Viaduct Rehabilitation Bridge Project 

  • Rehabilitation of the 20th Avenue Viaduct.  Work includes expansion joint replacement, girder painting, asphalt overlay/membrane, and deck repairs.  Goal: TBD

Green Valley Ranch Pool

  • This project includes a recreational and leisure indoor swimming pool and ancillary facilities as part of a 24,000 square foot expansion of the Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center. The design will include state of the art facilities that will accommodate the needs of this rapidly growing community in northeast Denver.  Goal: TBD

Garfield Neighborhood Bikeway Phase 1 Construction (09.165)

  • This project includes signal and intersection improvements for a neighborhood bikeway at (3) locations along Garfield.  Goal: TBD

Iowa Underpass 

  • This project includes sidewalk improvements, retaining wall modifications, and modifications of existing features for ADA compliance.  The project includes Federal funds, will require environmental (NEPA) compliance, and coordination with the adjacent golf course.  Design and construction will be required.  Goal: TBD

Q2 2021

Police District 5 Replacement

  • Address deficiencies at current District 5 station with a new build.  Goal: TBD

W. 8th Avenue Bridge Reconstruction (Over Platte) Bridge Replacement Project (

  • Remove and Replace the existing bridge which carries West 8th Avenue over the South Platte River.  Goal: TBD

General Storm - Antero Peak

  • This is a general storm project to address local drainage issues.  Goal: TBD



Q3 2021

Blair-Caldwell Branch Library Renovation

  • The library wants to ensure that the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library continues to be a welcoming and useful facility that serves the Five Points Denver neighborhood well for generations to come and continue to be a stellar historical and cultural center for African Americans in the Rocky Mountain West. While keeping the integrity of the design, Blair-Caldwell requires significant changes in order to provide the vibrant and evolving community with current and future library services.  Goal: TBD

E. 16th Avenue System Phase 2

  • The E 16th Avenue Street System-Phase 2 is a large storm system in Batavia Pl from 17th Ave to approximately Dahlia St.  Goal: TBD

Q4 2021

Rec Center Improvements - Swansea Upgrades Floors, Paint, Kitchens 

  • Swansea Upgrades (Floors, Paint, Kitches, etc.)  Goal: TBD

Jackson Street Storm Phase 2

  • The Jackson Street Storm Phase 2 project is a large storm system that extends from 14th Ave and Jackson Street to near Hale Parkway along Colorado Blvd or Albion St.  Goal:TBD

Marion Street System Phase 2

  • The Marion Street System project is a large storm system in Marion St. from 22nd Avenue to approximately 28th Avenue.  Goal: TBD

Park Maintenance Facilities Improvements - Smith Road

  • This project includes: improvements recommended in Maintenance Facilities MP 2012 for safety of staff & functionality of facilities; new facilities, addition & remodeling of existing facilities.  Goal: TBD