Future On-Call Contract Solicitations

NOTE: these opportunities are open only to those firms currently holding an on-call contract with DOTI.

Professional Services (Projected)

Q2 2024

  • CCB Exhaust Fan 10 Access
    CCB Exhaust Fan 10 Access
  • Park Improvements - Boyd Walks
    Boyd Walks
  • Park Improvements - Ferguson Playground
    Replace aging Playground
  • Glenarm Roof & HVAC
    Replacement of the roof and HVAC system at Glenarm Recreation Center.
  • DPR Restroom Facilities Improvements and Construction
    Prefabricated Restrooms incorporated at the following parks: Argo, Houston Lake, Kennedy Soccer Complex and Montbello Central. A restroom renovation at Commons Park.
  • DPL HVAC Bundle
    This DPL HVAC bundle includes replacement of a multizone AHU and chiller at Virginia Village Branch, replacement of an AHU at Woodbury Branch, replacement of the inefficient boiler at John "Thunderbird Man" Emhoolah Jr. Branch, replacement of the boiler and coolerado replacement at Montbello Branch, & replacement of 2 RTUs at Blair Caldwell Branch.
  • Wellshire Golf Cart Bridge
    Replacement of one of the existing golf cart bridges at the Wellshire Golf Course.

Q3 2024

  • Buell BOH restrooms Phase 2 (6 pak)
    Renovate 6 backstage restroom facilities w/in dressing rooms.
  • Sanitary Maintenance projects
    This project includes design of a replacement pipe for an undersized 8' sanitary main in 50th at Colorado Blvd and disconnection of storm sewer to the sanitary main near 7th and Mariposa.
  • Lift Station #6 Design
    This project includes a full lift station design including a new building structure, modern mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment to improve reliability, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and bring the facility up-to-date with current standards.
  • Lift Station #10 Design
    This project includes a full lift station design including a new building structure, modern mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment to improve reliability, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and bring the facility up-to-date with current standards.
  • Sloans Lake Improvements
    This project includes design of water quality interventions for Sloans Lake.
  • Jackson Phase 3
    The system consists of a 110" diameter storm pipe along with associated inlets and structures. Phase 3 begins at the end of Phase 2 in 13th Ave and continues down 13th to Albion, Ash or Bellaire and eventually ends in Hale Parkway. The scope will include an alternative analysis to determine the best alignment.

Construction Services (Projected)

Q2 2024

  • Traffic Signal - Harvard Gulch and University
    Traffic Signal - Harvard Gulch and University
  • Bronco Bridge, 19th Ave Bridge, Guardrail Repair & Franklin St. Bridge Rehab Design Project
    Concrete deck sealing, expansion joint gland replacement, miscellaneous concrete flatwork, HMA mill and overlay, painting system, detailed inspection of bridges, etc.
  • La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Mobility Improvements
    La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Mobility Improvements
  • Quebec 13th to 26th Multimodal Improvements
    Construct ADA compliant sidewalks, bus stops on Quebec 12th Ave to Montview and signal replacement at 17th and Quebec
  • West Colfax, Villa Park & LaAlma/Lincoln Park NTMP Package
    15 mobility and safety projects around 3 neighborhoods
  • Mill 15A - 8th Ave & Mill 14 - Harvard/Downing
    Traffic signal reconstruction at several intersections
  • Iowa Underpass Multimodal Pathway
    Improvements to existing underpass
  • Coliseum ADA Parking Lot rebuild
    Replace failing asphalt in ADA parking lot, correct heaving concrete panels in plaza.
  • Martinez Park Phase 1
    The site is located north of 7th Avenue between Tennyson Street and Perry Street. Joseph P. Martinez Park is an existing 12-acre neighborhood park located in Denver’s Villa Park neighborhood. The new park will be divided into four phases with the current Phase 1A improvements including the Joseph P. Martinez memorial plaza, shade structure / pavilion, multi-aged playgrounds, accessibility and parking lot improvements, multi-sports court, fitness stations, multi-use lawn area and improvements to Lakewood Gulch.
  • CCC - Camp Phase 3 & Katherine Craig
    Structural foundation repairs at the Katherine Craig barracks. Mess Hall and barrack restoration at the CCC Camp in Morrison.
  • Central Library Stone Work Final Phase
    The work shall include the services, equipment, and materials necessary for the removal of sealants along the portions of the colonnade façade of the Central Library. Repairs shall be made to damaged stone/precast panels. Installation of new sealants and weep vents at specified locations will be necessary across the façade, along with cleaning and application of water-repellant sealants to specific areas.
  • McNichols Building Water Leak
    Repair leak in Xcel vault lid at McNichols Building and incorporate mechanical ventilation at the Xcel vault.
  • Best Western Roof & Boiler Replacement
    Replacement of the roof and boiler at the former Best Western located at 4590 Quebec Street.
  • DCJ Building #22 Shower Upgrades
    Replacement/repair of approximately 30 showers at the Denver County Jail Building 22.
  • Group B Roofs Replacement
    Replacement of the existing roofs on three General Services buildings in tandem with a lift and reset of the existing solar panels (solar work to be completed by others).
  • 4495 Jason Street Roof Replacement
    Replacement of the existing roof at 4495 Jason Street in tandem with a lift and reset of the existing solar panels (solar work to be completed by others).
  • DFD HQ Entrance Reconfiguration
    Reconfiguration of Denver Fire Department #1/HQ's main entrance lobby to improve security and provide dedicated customer service office space.
  • Decker Flooring Refresh & Bathroom Renovation
    Restroom renovation and flooring replacement at the Decker branch library.
  • Tooley Hall Security Office Renovation
    Relocate an interior wall at the Security Office at Tooley Hall. Includes interior system relocation and new finishes.
  • Privacy Barriers at DDC 8-Person Housing
    Install privacy barriers at the 8-person housing bathrooms at the Denver Detention Facility.
  • Central Street Dog Park
    Construction of a new dog park along multiple blocks of Central Street Promenade near Central and 18th Street.

Q3 2024

  • Hampden Corridor Multimodal Improvements Phase 2
    Hampden Corridor Multimodal Improvements Phase 2 Project
  • Alameda Underpass Rehab
    Rehabilitation of underpass structure and install of sidewalk
  • Mill 26 - Downing
    Signal reconstruction at 5 intersections
  • DFD28 Vehicle Collision Damage
    Repair damaged CMU block just inside the front entry and replacement of the approach handrail and repair to. Any additional structural improvements recommended will be phased thereafter.
  • Wastewater Restack Phases 2B and 2C
    Interior renovations on the 1st, 4th and 6th floors of the Wastewater building. Construction includes new offices, training rooms, conference rooms and will be an occupied renovation and may require phasing for occupant relocations.
  • Cherry Creek Library Repairs
    Structural repairs at the Cherry Creek branch library.
  • DFD2 Station Repairs
    Basement repairs at Denver Fire Department #2 caused by water damage.
  • Barnum Rec Center - Electrification
    Renovation to increase staff and patron comfort year-round, work includes mechanical system, electrical service, lighting and controls upgrades to the building.
  • Schlessman Family Branch Library Renovation
    Interior renovation of the Schlessman branch library.
  • Castro & CCC Parking Garage - ADA Revisions
    Castro - Make (8) parking spots within the parking garage, Fully ADA Compliant. Colorado Convention Center - Revise (6-10) parking spot locations within the parking garage to be fully compliant. Current non-compliances include, but not limited to, as slope, signage, etc.
  • 10th & Galapago Sidewalk Repairs
    Repair west sidewalk and implement ADA compliant sidewalk on South side of building.
  • DPR Sidewalks Gap Project (AIC)
    Install new sidewalk and other associated improvements for GAPS program at MLK Park and City of Brest Park.
  • Mill Levy 26
    Reconstruction of 6 traffic signals.

Q4 2024

  • Peoria Multimodal Improvements (Phase 2)
    Multimodal improvements (sidewalk and bike lane)
  • Passenger Amenity Program Bus Stop Package 2
    Bus stop improvements
  • 51st Avenue Emerson to Logan
    Roadway, signal and sidewalk improvements
  • Downtown Bus Priority Project
    Small scale multimodal improvements
  • Alameda Lane Reduction
    Striping and signage on Alameda between Grant and Franklin
  • DCJ Building #21 & #22 Electrical Improvements
    ATS replacement at Denver County Jail Building 22 along with a generator and ATS replacement at Denver County Jail Building 21.
  • CCB Accessible Entrance & Restroom Renovation
    Reconfiguration of an existing entrance along 14th St. to allow for 24-hour access with the appropriate access permissions as well as a renovation of single user restroom within the CCB.
  • Bear Creek Park Pedestrian Bridge Repairs & Trail
    Demo existing tennis ball courts and replace with new fenced-in sports courts. Demo existing concessions facilities and replace this existing asphalt with concrete and landscaping spaces or tree wells, new pre-fabricated dugouts, shade structures/gazebo, sport lighting upgrades, bleachers, backstop base-board replacements, irrigation re-work as needed, exterior water fountains, and removal of existing scoreboards.

Q1 2025

  • Mill 18 - 2018 Rebuild and Maintenance - Umatilla & 15th Street
    Reconstruction of Umatilla-15th-Boulder-29th St signal

Q2 2025

  • 17th and 18th Avenue Bus Priority
    Develop recommendations for bus priority and Vision Zero treatments on 17th and 18th Avenues between Broadway and Colorado Blvd, followed by detailed final designs of those recommendations.

Q4 2025

  • Bridge - Quebec Street Over Airlawn Road
    Quebec Street over Airlawn Road
  • Orphan Asset Guard Rail Repair: Quebec & Airlawn
    This project is for designing guardrails that need to be replaced on Quebec from I-70 to 35th Avenue