Upcoming Projects

Professional Services (Projected) 

Q3 2021

Morrison Road Improvements

  • Enhance pedestrian comfort and safety, improvements to streetscape.  Goal: TBD 

Highline Canal Connections 

  • This project will improve safety for trail users along the High Line Canal Trail, supporting bicycle and pedestrian activity and connectivity, both locally and regionally.  Goal: TBD

Construction Services (Projected)

Q1 2021

Green Valley Ranch Pool

  • This project includes a recreational and leisure indoor swimming pool and ancillary facilities as part of a 24,000 square foot expansion of the Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center. The design will include state of the art facilities that will accommodate the needs of this rapidly growing community in northeast Denver.  Goal: TBD

Park Maintenance Facilities - Rosedale

  • Improvements to the Rosedale Parks Maintenance Facility, including renovation of the existing buildings, construction of a new building, site work and landscaping.  Goal: TBD

Mill 13: So Central Downing Street

  • Mill Levy Package 13– is a T&M CIP/Mill Traffic Signal Upgrade project. Propose is to rebuild 5 traffic signals located within an arterial corridor. The locations of these signals are: 7th Ave & Downing St; 9th Ave & Downing St; Virginia Ave & Downing St; Kentucky Ave & Downing St; Louisiana Ave & Downing St.  Goal: TBD

Q2 2021

Police District 5 Replacement

  • Address deficiencies at current District 5 station with a new build.  Goal: TBD

Q3 2021

Blair-Caldwell Branch Library Renovation

  • The library wants to ensure that the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library continues to be a welcoming and useful facility that serves the Five Points Denver neighborhood well for generations to come and continue to be a stellar historical and cultural center for African Americans in the Rocky Mountain West. While keeping the integrity of the design, Blair-Caldwell requires significant changes in order to provide the vibrant and evolving community with current and future library services.  Goal: TBD