Upcoming Projects

Professional Services (Projected) 

Q3 2021


Q4 2021


Construction Services (Projected)

Q3 2021

Tennessee & Oneida Storm Phase 1 

  • This project will construct Phase 1 of the Tennessee and Oneida project.  Goal: TBD

WQ REG Heron Pond-Carpio Sanguinette Park Phase 1B 

  • Construction of the civil portion of a WQ facility at 52nd and Emerson.  Goal: TBD

Safe Routes To School 

  • Provide Curb Extensions, curb ramps and crosswalk markings  along Bruce Randolph Ave at Franklin St and Humboldt St to improve Safe Routes to School.  Goal: TBD

Mill 13: So Central Downing Street 

  • Mill Levy Package 13– is a T&M CIP/Mill Traffic Signal Upgrade project. Propose is to rebuild 5 traffic signals located within an arterial corridor. The locations of these signals are at: 7th Ave & Downing St; 9th Ave & Downing St; Virginia Ave & Downing St; Kentucky Ave & Downing St; Louisiana Ave & Downing St.  Goal: TBD

2019 New Traffic Signals - 1: 11th Ave & Josephine, Alameda & Newport, 13th Ave & Osage 

  • Three new signals at E 11th Avenue/Josephine Street (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon), E Alameda Avenue/S Newport Way (Full Traffic Signal), and W 13th Avenue/Osage Street (Full Traffic Signal).  Goal: TBD

Police District 5 Replacement 

  • Address deficiencies at current District 5 station with a new build.  Goal: TBD 

Blair-Caldwell Branch Library Renovation

  • The library wants to ensure that the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library continues to be a welcoming and useful facility that serves the Five Points Denver neighborhood well for generations to come and continue to be a stellar historical and cultural center for African Americans in the Rocky Mountain West. While keeping the integrity of the design, Blair-Caldwell requires significant changes in order to provide the vibrant and evolving community with current and future library services. Only available to SBE Contractors.  Goal: TBD

Mill Levy 16A: Capitol Hill - 13th Ave and 14th Ave 

  • The overall objective of this project is the redesign and reconstruction of the traffic signals and intersections of two major corridors within the City and County of Denver –  13th Avenue, and 14th Avenue. There are a total of six  (6) traffic signals is this project and the locations of these traffic signals upgrade are at the following intersections
  • 6 Signals: 13th at: Clarkson, Corona, Downing, 14th at: Clarkson, Washington, Pearl.  Goal: TBD

Mill Levy 26

  • This is the 2020 Traffic Signal Upgrade Mill Levy 26 Project.  The overall objective of this project is the redesign and reconstruction of six (6) traffic signals within the City and County of Denver (CCD). Goal: TBD

General Sanitary - 29th and Speer Blvd

  • This project is an open-cut sanitary improvement project in the vicinity of 29th Ave and Speer Boulevard.  Goal: TBD

Citywide Sidewalk - McAuliffe Safe Routes to School CD8 (6 Seg)

  • The purpose of this team will be to work with CDOT to implement infrastructure changes to McAuliffee Elementary per CDOT grant requirements. Project includes: 1/2 mile of sidewalk with enhanced pedestrian crossing at 23rd Avenue/Kearney Street.

Q4 2021

General Storm - Bowles Ditch Separation 

  • This general storm project is to address flooding issues in southwest Denver.  Goal: TBD

Connecting Auraria 

  • Streetscape and bridge design and replacement on Larimer across Speer.  Goal: TBD 

South Broadway Corridor Multi-Modal Transportation Improvements Project 

  • Develop a two-way enhanced bicycle facility concept design (10-30 % design, aerial-based plans) for the Broadway corridor (I-25 to 16th) to educate the public, including cyclists, residents, and business owners and their employees, of the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a multi-modal corridor. This should include cross sections that indicate the scope of the improvements including: signal and intersection modifications, signage and striping changes, parking, bikeway and transit improvements.  Goal: TBD

HSIP 2018 Pkg 2: Fed @ 38th/Exposition/Kentucky/Mississippi/Jewell/; CO/MLK 

  • Includes rebuilt traffic signals and intersection improvements at Colorado Blvd & MLK Blvd, and 5 Locations along Federal Blvd: 38th Ave, Exposition Ave, Kentucky Ave, Mississippi Ave, & Jewell Ave.  New signals will be built to City and County of Denver Standards, and intersection improvements may include but are not limited to ADA accessible curb ramps, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and any necessary drainage work. Goal: TBD

Q1 2022

Mill 10 Monaco Signal Rebuild 

  • Redesign and reconstruction of seven (7) traffic signals within the City and County of Denver (CCD). The intersections are: N Monaco Pkwy & 14th Ave; N Monaco Pkwy & 13th Ave; N Monaco Pkwy & 8th Ave; N Monaco Pkwy & 6th Ave; N Monaco Pkwy & 4th Ave; N Monaco Pkwy & Cedar Ave; N Monaco Pkwy & Virginia Ave Improvements made to curb ramps, sidewalk, curb and gutters, and curb returns at each intersection for enhanced pedestrian access.  Goal: TBD

20th Street Viaduct Rehabilitation Bridge Project 

  • Rehabilitation of the 20th Avenue Viaduct.  Work includes expansion joint replacement, girder painting, asphalt overlay/membrane, and deck repairs.  Goal: TBD

Mill Levy 15 Central Capitol Hill at 6th Ave and 8th Ave 

  • This project consists of Consultant Selection and Design to final construction plans for 19-intersections traffic signal replacements in the Capital Hill Neighborhood along 6th Ave and 8th Ave corridors.  Goal: TBD

General Storm - Antero Peak

  • This is a General Storm project to address local drainage issues.  Goal: TBD

Q2 2022

E. 16th Avenue System Phase 2 

  • The E 16th Avenue Street System - Phase 2 is a large storm system in Batavia Pl from 17th Ave to approximately Dahlia St.  Goal: TBD 

Jackson St Storm Phase 2 

  • The Jackson St Storm Phase 2 project is a large storm system that extends from 14th Ave and Jackson Street to near Hale Parkway along Colorado Blvd or Albion St.  Goal: TBD

Q3 2022

HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg 4: Park & I25/I70; Miss @ Platte/Santa Fe; Colfax/Downing

  • HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg. 4 is a federal grant traffic signal upgrade and intersection improvement project operating under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The project goal is to reconstruct four (4) existing traffic signals within the City and County of Denver located at (1) Park Avenue West at I-25/I-70 On-Ramp; (2) Mississippi Avenue at Platte River Drive; (3) Mississippi Avenue at Santa Fe Drive; and (4) Colfax Avenue at Downing Street.  Goal: TBD

HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg 5: Colfax at Broadway/Lincoln/Grant

  • HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg. 5 is a federal grant traffic signal upgrade and intersection improvement project operating under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The project goal is to reconstruct three (3) existing traffic signals within the City and County of Denver located at (1) Colfax Avenue and Broadway; (2) Colfax Avenue and Lincoln Street; and (3) Colfax Avenue and Grant Street.  Goal: TBD

Citywide Sidewalk - CD2 - Group 1 (9 Seg) (

  • This project will design and construct 9 missing sidewalk segments covering approximately 3,280 linear feet across council district 2. These projects are expected to have varying conflicts that will need to be addressed during design. The improvements include missing sidewalk segment design, constructing a Denver Moves: Trails and Pedestrian compliant sidewalk in each identified location and any associated necessary concrete repairs/replacement (curb/gutter, curb ramps, and other miscellaneous features).  Goal: TBD

Q4 2022

Police District 6 Replacement

  • Demo/Rebuild due to significant increase in number of officers and staff for District 6 (40% increase since 2009) Goal: TBD

Morrison Road Improvement

  • Roadway reconstruction between Nevada and Perry, two pedestrian plazas, plus bulb-outs at 3 intersections.  Goal: TBD