Take Action!

Over 5,000 Denver residents experience homelessness on any given night. Approximately 80% of that population spends the night in a shelter, motel, or Safe Outdoor Space.

Resolving homelessness is a complex challenge, but everyone can do things to help out. Taking action starts with having empathy. Seeing the humanity in our unhoused community goes a long way. Choose to be compassionate and treat others with dignity and respect. You can change someone’s whole day simply by smiling, waving, or saying hello to someone experiencing homelessness. 

If you or someone you know wants to take action and be part of the solution, here are some ways to get involved.   


You can create lasting change in the lives of our unhoused neighbors by showing up to volunteer. Volunteers do activities like serve meals, teach classes, or provide administrative support.  

If you have the time, volunteer or serve on the board of a nonprofit organization helping those in need. These organizations need skills in project management, finance, law, and communications. Having diversity on these boards is important to the success of these nonprofits. Does your business do charitable giving? Connect your place of work to an organization working with our unhoused neighbors. 

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Be a Housing Helper

Be the family member and friend others can call when they are in a tough spot and need help. Remember you can also refer them to 311 or [this website URL] to connect with the city’s many resources. You can also:  

  • Welcome neighbors who have experienced homelessness into your community.
  • Celebrate housing solutions in your neighborhood.
  • Employ people in a housing crisis or facing instability in meaningful work through Denver Days Works or on your own.


Denver's network of providers needs both financial donations and physical goods. All donations provide immediate support and services for those experiencing homelessness.

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Learn More & Share

Educate Yourself

Housing stability and homelessness are complex. Learn how the city is managing and resolving these challenges:

Help Change the Conversation

Share what you’ve learned with others and be an advocate for affordable housing. When issues like homelessness, affordable housing, and gentrification come up, be the person who speaks up and encourages others to be part of the solution.   

Organize Your Community

Consider the communities you can reach. Then, help orient and organize these communities toward city efforts or community-based organizations providing housing assistance.

Report a Concern

People experiencing homelessness are still Denver residents. We owe it to all our neighbors to treat them with respect and dignity. Outreach teams are working diligently to connect people living on the streets to resources and shelter. Please only report unsafe or unsanitary conditions for an individual experiencing homelessness or yourself. Determine which number to call on the Report a Concern Page.