About Us


The Office of Storytelling was launched in the spring of 2019 with the lofty goal of rewriting Denver's history one untold story at a time. Since then our tiny by mighty team has recorded hundreds of stories too often left out of history books.

Most of our stories are short and highlight a single Denver resident. You'll find those under Short Films. A handful of our projects are more ambitious longer films, which have been thoroughly researched and include diverse community voices. You'll find those under Documentaries. And then there are limited series like our Covid Diaries and our now defunct Storytelling Labs. You'll find those under Special Projects. In other words, there's something for everyone. Now that you're here, we hope you stay a while and get to know Denver through the stories of the people — all the people — who have helped make this city.

And, if you have a story to tell that hasn't been told before or if you know of stories that should be told, email us. We want to hear them!