Moms Step Up to Help Families in Need at SE Denver School

Parent volunteers at the Thomas Jefferson High School food bank saw an increased need in the last school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The food bank went from providing food to around 20 families in 2019 to around 90 families at their distribution last September. Since then, they have helped hundreds of families struggling with food insecurity.

“I think everybody needs help at different parts, you know, different times of their lives, and so anything that I can do to help anyone who needs help in whatever way, I always love to be involved,” said Becca Mahoney, one of three moms volunteering to collect and distribute donations through the food bank.

I Am Denver was there as Mahoney, along with organizer Megan Perkins and fellow volunteer Suzy Stone, were distributing food to families at the end of April. 

For more information, go to TJHS Food Bank Donation.