A Single Mother's Battle With COVID-19

In late March 2020, Josette Vigil thought she had developed a typical seasonal cold. Then she began to wheeze. Although her condition wasn't improving, COVID-19 was the last thing on her mind. She and her children were taking precautions to avoid catching the virus and had been self-isolating since the outbreak. Suddenly, Josette found herself in an intensive care unit fighting for her life.

Josette spent nearly two weeks at Denver Health, including seven days on a ventilator, as she battled COVID-19. The I Am Denver team interviewed Josette in May, just a few weeks after she left the hospital, and again in November. She shared what was a harrowing experience as well as what her recovery has looked like in these past seven months. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Denver and around the country, she hopes her story will encourage others to take the virus seriously.