Denver Board of Ethics

Welcome to the site of the Denver Board of Ethics.  The Board of Ethics administers the Denver Code of Ethics (PDF), which regulates the employees, elected officials, appointed officials and board and commission members of the Denver city government.  


The Board also:
  • Gives advice about ethics issues 
  • Investigates complaints submitted by  city employees  or citizens about ethics issues regarding Denver city government personnel
  • Works with the Human Resources to provide ethics training to city personnel.   

How to File a Complaint

The steps below outline the process for submitting a complaint:

  • Submit Complaint Form (PDF - Revised 12/2011 to Board of Ethics)
    Note:  Board of Ethics is not able to accept complaints about actions that took place more than two years before the date of filing the complaint.
  • The Board of Ethics is required to send a copy of the complaint to the person who is the subject of the complaint.
  • The Board of Ethics will then screen the written complaint and determine whether a public hearing is warranted to consider the complaint.

Read more about the process for filing a complaint concerning a city employee, officer or official in The Denver Code of Ethics (PDF) or, the Rules of Procedure.

Board Meeting

Apr 10, 2014

The next meeting will be on:
Wednesday April 16, 2014
8:00 am
Webb Municipal Office Building
201 West Colfax
Conference Room 2 D 4 - (Court Place side of Tower Building – near Contractor Licensing Counter)

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Contact Us

All requests for advisory opinions, citizen inquiries or complaints must be submitted either by email or in writing to: 
Staff Director:
L. Michael Henry
 201 West Colfax Avenue
Dept 703
Denver, CO 80202

How to Request Ethical Advice

The Board of Ethics, if requested, gives official written advisory opinions to city employees, elected officers and board and commission members about Code of Ethics issues and also considers whether waivers should be given if an action would violate the Code of Ethics but the action would be in the city’s best interest. Learn more