Compensation Setting Analysis Follow-up


Action Since Audit Report

The Office of Human Resources fully implemented one recommendation made in the original audit report and partially implemented one other.

The office continues to develop and implement initiatives to help increase the number of employees who have completed their career profiles. As of April 30, 2022, over 7,300 employees have done so — an increase of almost 5,000 from January 2021.

Remaining Risks

Human Resources management implemented a new process to ensure agencies’ merit allocations were collected by the office and reviewed for accuracy. But the reviewers still approved merit tables that did not comply with city rules. As a result, employees might receive a merit increase lower than city rules allow for. We found this did happen in at least one instance.


Auditor's Letter

August 4, 2022

In keeping with generally accepted government auditing standards and Auditor’s Office policy, as authorized by city ordinance, we have a responsibility to monitor and follow up on audit recommendations to ensure city agencies address audit findings through appropriate corrective action and to aid us in planning future audits.

After following up on the “Compensation Setting Analysis” audit report issued in February 2021, we determined the Office of Human Resources fully implemented one of the two recommendations it agreed to.

During the original audit, we found the Office of Human Resources did not collect all relevant employee data in its system of record and it did not adequately review how city agencies award merit increases.

Based on our follow-up work, we determined that while significant progress was made, the Office of Human Resources did not fully address all the risks associated with one of our initial findings. Consequently, we may revisit these risk areas in future audits to ensure the city takes appropriate corrective action.

We appreciate the leaders and team members in the Office of Human Resources who shared their time and knowledge with us throughout the audit and the follow-up process. Please contact me at 720-913-5000 with any questions.

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Auditor's Signature
Timothy O'Brien, CPA



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