Public Works Asset Management Software Applications Follow-up

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Responsibility for implementing our recommendations fell on both the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure and the city’s Technology Services agency.

Transportation & Infrastructure fully implemented nine recommendations made to it in the original audit report, but six others have yet to be fully implemented or acted upon. There remains a lingering risk that data could be lost due to poor backup management of the Cartegraph signals, signage, and fiber optic asset management system. This risk will continue until both Transportation & Infrastructure and Technology Services choose to consolidate all data into a single enterprise system.

In addition, if the department continues to not review service organization controls reports, circumstances between the city’s vendor and web host may change that could compromise city data. Additionally, Technology Services may not implement suggested complementary controls recommended for the city.

Meanwhile, Technology Services fully implemented five recommendations made to it in the original audit report, but another five have yet to be fully implemented or acted upon. Lingering risks surrounding the lack of a service-level agreement between Technology Services and Transportation & Infrastructure and the lack of dTIMS password controls integration with a single sign-on system could be mitigated by both agencies’ plan to consolidate asset management into a single enterprise system within the next year.

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Auditor's Letter

November 4, 2021

In keeping with generally accepted government auditing standards and Auditor’s Office policy, as authorized by city ordinance, the Audit Services Division has a responsibility to monitor and follow up on audit recommendations to ensure city agencies address audit findings through appropriate corrective action and to aid us in planning future audits.

In our follow-up effort for the “Public Works Asset Management Software Applications” audit report issued in January 2020, we determined the Department of Public Works — now the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure — fully implemented nine of 15 recommendations it agreed to in the original audit report. The city’s Technology Services agency fully implemented five of 10 recommendations it agreed to in the original audit report and partially implemented another three recommendations.

Despite the two agencies’ efforts, auditors determined the risks associated with the audit team’s initial findings have not been fully mitigated. As a result, the Audit Services Division may revisit these risk areas in future audits to ensure the city takes appropriate corrective action.

The Highlights page in this report provides background and summary information about the original audit and the completed follow-up effort. Following the Highlights page is a detailed implementation status update for each recommendation.

I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the personnel at the Department of Infrastructure & Transportation and at Technology Services who assisted us throughout the audit and the follow-up process. For any questions, please feel free to contact me at 720-913-5000.

Denver Auditor,

Auditor's Signature
Timothy O'Brien, CPA



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