Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics administers the Denver Code of Ethics,(PDF, 169KB) which regulates the employees, elected officials, appointed officials and board and commission members of the Denver city government.

Download the Latest Denver Code of Ethics(PDF, 169KB)

The Board also:

  • Gives advice about ethics issues 
  • Investigates complaints submitted by city employees  or citizens about ethics issues regarding Denver city government personnel
  • Works with the Office of Human Resources to provide ethics training to city personnel.

Board of Ethics Nomination Committee

In March 2017, the Denver City Council established a Board of Ethics Nomination Committee to recommend persons to the Mayor and City Council to be appointed to the 5-member Denver Board of Ethics. The members of the Nomination Committee are:

Anyone who wishes to submit an application or to recommend another person may contact one or more of the Nominating Committee members at their e-mail addresses above. Information about the Denver Board of Ethics may be found at or by calling (720) 865-8412.