Denver Board of Ethics Releases 2020 Audit Report

Published on February 16, 2021

"The Denver Board of Ethics hereby submits its twentieth annual report to the Mayor and City Council, as required by Section 2-66 of the Denver Code of Ethics.

The mission of the Board of Ethics is:

To encourage and guide city officers, officials and employees to adhere to high levels of ethical conduct so that the public will have confidence that persons in positions of public responsibility are acting for the benefit of the public.

Brief biographies of the current members of the Denver Board of Ethics (all unpaid volunteers) are below in Appendix A. In 2020, there were no changes to the composition of the Board.

The Board expresses appreciation to all City elected officials, employees, board and commission members, and citizens who requested ethics advice, guidance, or help in 2020.

The Board and its Executive Director continued to receive and respond to a variety of requests. City personnel who need formal guidance about whether a specific action could violate the Code of Ethics file requests for an advisory opinion from the Board. Alternately, if Denver residents or City employees believe that any city personnel may have violated the ethics code, they can submit a written complaint or inquiry to the Board."

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