Brownfield Redevelopment

The Denver Brownfields Program is committed to working in partnership with stakeholders to facilitate and support the brownfield redevelopment process in the City and County of Denver. 

Brownfields are properties where expansion, redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the presence or perceived presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant. Examples of brownfield sites include former industrial sites, gas stations, dry cleaners, junkyards and landfills.

The Brownfields Program collaborates with developers, investors, stakeholders, and the members of the affected community for the successful redevelopment of brownfield sites. To this end, the Brownfields Program leverages resources and provides brownfield expertise, a variety of informational resources, financing options, and educational tools. The redevelopment of brownfield sites fosters sustainable environmental cleanup, removal of blight, reinvestment in our established communities, and neighborhood revitalization with a focus on providing community benefits, healthy environments, and job creation. 

The City and County of Denver’s Brownfields Program consists of a multi-agency committee established to inform, collaborate and direct the city’s efforts with regards to the program’s efforts and opportunities. Agencies represented on the committee have a direct role in redevelopment of Brownfields. As the lead agencies for this effort, Economic Development & Opportunity and the Department of Public Health & Environment provide programmatic leadership, and economic development and environmental science expertise.

The Brownfields Committee consists of representatives from the following city agencies:

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Dave Wilmoth, PE, PG
Brownfields Program Co-Manager
Department of Public Health & Environment

John-Michael Hill
Brownfields Program Co-Manger
Economic Development & Opportunity