Fingerprinting and background checks

No In-House Fingerprinting. Excise and Licenses will not be providing in-house fingerprinting services and will no longer be accepting fingerprint cards.

Private Security Employers/Security Guards

Excise & Licenses does not fingerprint for these license types. These license types require a FBI Background Check report to be uploaded to your online application. You may go to the FBI website to pick the option that best fits your needs to obtain that FBI Background Check.

What licenses can Excise and Licenses provide fingerprinting codes for?

Excise and Licenses provide codes and assistance with fingerprinting information for the following licenses:

  • Dance public
  • Liquor (all classes)
  • Social clubs (all classes)

This list contains the only licenses we can accept electronic fingerprint reports for. If your license type is not on the list, we cannot give instructions, advice, CBI unique ID's, service codes or account numbers.

Fingerprint Report Submittal

Step 1.Submit license application

If your license type is on the list above, your next step will be to submit all required application documents, with the exception of the fingerprint reports. Go to the webpage for your license type to find instructions on how to submit an application.

Step 2.Paying for application and license fees

Once your application has been processed you will receive an invoice. The invoice will include your business file number or your amendment file number if you are amending an existing liquor license. The file number will be located in the top left area of the invoice. You will need the file number to complete the notice to applicants form(PDF, 99KB) to be able to receive fingerprinting information. With your invoice you will also receive instructions on how to pay online or over the telephone for your application and licensing fees. The invoice will look identical if you email your documents or if you apply in person.

Step 3.Fill out the notice to applicants form

Once you have received your file number, read and complete the notice to applicants form(PDF, 99KB). Print your name as it will appear on your fingerprint report, sign your name as it will appear on your fingerprint form and date the form. Fill out the business file number or amendment file number.

Step 4.Email the completed notice to applicants form

Email the completed notice to applicants form(PDF, 99KB) to Please include in the email:

  1. The name of the establishment your reports will be associated with
  2. The address of the establishment your reports will be associated with
  3. Type of license applied for (i.e. liquor, lodging, body art establishment, etc.)
  4. Attach completed notice to applicants form

Step 5.Within 10 business days

You will receive a service code, account number and or a CBI Unique ID. You will use these codes to contact either Colorado Fingerprinting or IdentoGo. You will also receive instructions and links used for fingerprinting.

Please be patient while waiting for a response due to a large volume of requests. If you have not received a response within 10 business days, please re-send your email. You will be responsible for contacting the fingerprinting company of your choice to pre-register and schedule an appointment and you will also be responsible for confirming our receipt of your reports.

Step 6.Once you have been fingerprinted

Wait a minimum of three days and send an email to to confirm Excise and Licenses receipt of your fingerprint reports. If you do not confirm receipt of your fingerprint reports,  you could be required to be re-printed at your expense. The fingerprinting company stating that they sent Excise and Licenses the reports does not always guarantee that they have been received. Please confirm no sooner than three days after being fingerprinted.

Step 7.Rejected fingerprint reports

Fingerprint reports received without prior notification to or without the business file number or amendment file number will be rejected and sent back to CBI/FBI for proper disposal. Do not request your fingerprint reports to be sent to you. Do not request that you receive a hard copy of the fingerprint reports. Excise and Licenses must receive your reports through our secure document delivery system. Once reports are rejected they cannot be retrieved.