Hotel and Restaurant

A hotel and restaurant license shall be issued to people selling alcohol beverages in the place where the alcohol is to be consumed.


Sales and service

  • Sale, service and consumption of beer, wine, and liquor by the drink for on-premises consumption
  • Must have a full kitchen with adequate personnel, equipment, and food to prepare meals. Meals must be available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., sandwiches and light snacks after 8 p.m.
    • Meals must be prepared on the licensed premises, unless prepared at a licensed kitchen under the licensee's exclusive management and control.
    • At least 25% of the gross annual income must be from the sale of food.

Hours of operation

Seven days a week between 7 a.m. and 2 a.m.


Multiple interests

Multiple ownership is legal with the following other classes:

  • Other hotel and restaurant and tavern liquor licenses
  • Hotel and restaurant with optional premises
  • Retail gaming tavern licenses
  • Racetrack licenses
  • Brew pubs
  • Arts licenses
  • Beer and wine licenses
  • Club licenses
  • Public transportation system license
  • Vintner's restaurant licenses
  • 3.2% beer licenses

Distance restriction

Hotel/Restaurant 500 ft Distance Restriction(PDF, 65KB) 

Pursuant to the Department's August 2012 rule regarding distance from schools, this 500-foot distance restriction has been waived.



Application fee:

State - $1,100 made payable to Colorado Department of Revenue plus liquor license fees

State - $1,200 for concurrent review plus liquor license fees

State - $1,100 for transfer of ownership plus liquor license fees

City -   $1,000 plus other fees assigned at time of application

Any person who owns at least 10% of the business entity will be required to be fingerprinted for licensing purposes. Please refer to our Excise and Licenses fingerprinting webpage.

License fees will be calculated at the time the application is submitted to the City.


Required documents

See documents required for a liquor license application.

Manager Registration Form(PDF, 196KB). A manager cannot be listed as a manager on more than one hotel and restaurant or tavern liquor license.

Individual History Form(PDF, 155KB) for manager

Manager - Fingerprints

More documents could be required for this class of license.  Check with the Department of Excise and Licenses for specific requirements.


  • If someone other than a principal to the licensee manages the licensed premises, then the manager must register and pay a $75 fee to the city and the state.
  • Any changes in managers must be reported within five days and a new manager must be registered within 30 days.
  • With multiple-owned hotel and restaurant liquor licenses, each location must have a separate and distinct manager.
  • Full set of fingerprints.