Appeals, Extensions, Surrenders and Withdrawals Online


Request an appeal hearing

If your application has been denied without a hearing, you are entitled to one. You must make a written request and complete certain requirements. To be eligible, you must not have had a previous hearing for the denial of the application. You must complete the following steps within 10 days of the mailing date of the denial order. 

Step 1: Complete the request for appeal hearing(PDF, 183KB) form. 

Step 2: Submit the completed form to and   

Step 3: Your request will be reviewed, and Excise and Licenses will contact you with details.

Request an extension of the application period

Every application is closed administratively if the processes or requirements aren’t completed within 12 months. You can request an extension within 30 days before the application’s expiration date. Complete these steps to request an extension: 

Step 2: Email the form and supporting documents to If your file size exceeds 10 MB, the documents should be brought in person to Denver Excise and Licenses. Schedule an appointment to submit the appeal paperwork.  

Step 3: The request will be reviewed and the Department will contact you with its decision.

Surrender a marijuana business license

Complete these steps to surrender a marijuana business license.  

Step 1: Complete the affidavit of surrender(PDF, 2MB) form. 

Step 2: Submit the form to  

Step 3: The license status will be updated to reflect its surrender. 

When you surrender a city license, you also might need to surrender the corresponding state license with the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Withdraw an application

Complete these steps to withdraw an application: 

Step 2: Email the withdrawal form to  

Step 3: The application status will be updated to reflect its withdrawal. 

When you withdraw a city application, you also might need to withdraw the corresponding state application with the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.