Boarding home or boarding home - personal care

Boarding home

Any person or business operating a residential structure for permanent occupancy with no provisions for cooking in the rooms. Meals, linens and housekeeping can be provided. This license is also issued to hotels and motels.

Read about Board of Health Regulations for boarding homes

Boarding home - personal care

Any person or business providing a residential structure to provide directly or indirectly, through a provider, room and board, personal services, protective oversight, and social care for residents who are unable to live independently.

A provisional license can be issued for 90 days by recommendation from the Department of Public Health and Environment if the applicant is temporarily unable to conform to the minimum standards of the rules and regulations.


Nonprofit tax-exempt organizations and state agencies must obtain the license but are exempt from the fees.

Below are the documents required to request non-profit fee waivers:

  • A letter addressed to the Department of Excise and Licenses that contains the following:
    • request of fee waiver
    • name on non-profit
    • explanation of vision/how does the community benefit from this non-profit
    • must be on letter head
    • dated
    • signature
  • The second required document is the 501(C)3 letter from the IRS listing the non-profit's name