Body art establishment - permanent or temporary

Permanent body art establishment

Body art is the practice of physical adornment by establishments and artists. It utilizes, but is not limited to, the techniques of body piercing and tattooing. It does not include ear piercing.

Anyone operating or managing a permanent building, place, premise, or structure, whether public or private, where there are body art procedures being performed must be licensed.

Read the Board of Health regulations for body artist establishments.

Temporary body art establishment

A temporary special event body art facility means any booth, building, room, shop, store, structure, or part thereof, where body art procedures are temporarily performed. These are during a trade show, product demonstration, educational seminar, or special event. It can be for no more than 14 days. The application for the permit must be submitted no fewer than 30 days before the start of the event.

Temporary body art facilities can get a license at a location holding a hotel and restaurant liquor license. They must be a bona fide body art trade organization and they are operating a trade show. Temporary body art licenses can be issued at locations that hold special event liquor licenses.